Nola [Day 2]

So when we left off with the last Nola recap, we were right about here:IMG_2021

That picture ^ is one of my favorites ever. The next morning we recovered with breakfast and then met up with everyone for afternoon tea at the New Orleans Museum of Art. I borrowed Jenny’s mom’s fancy headband because they take costumes seriously.


And Jenny and I are immature.


All of the table settings were gorgeous, all weekend long. They put so much detail into making everything special, and I definitely noticed!


Tea consisted of four yummy sandwiches, including (clockwise from the croissant) chicken curry, cajun shrimp salad, salmon, and cucumber. I especially loved the shrimp salad. We also had a scone and a little tray of desserts. I was really full after this!


We took a walk around the sculpture gardens, where the tea was originally supposed to be, after the rain that moved us inside stopped.


And were inappropriate again. Jenny and her mom are adorable!


But I wasn’t so full that I couldn’t head back to Café du Monde for some beignets. Come on now, did you think I would go to New Orleans and not get a beignet? Who do you think I am?


They were just as amazing as I had hoped. I have a weird affinity for powdered sugar, so it was like they made these desserts just for me.


And because the party never stopped, Jenny and I headed to the bar in our hotel to get a drink before we got ready for the night. Our hotel is famous for its Carousel Bar, which actually slowly spins around. Kind of trippy (literally and figuratively). It was extremely unique and fun to see nonetheless.


That night we headed to a plantation for a spectacular cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. Excuse the horrendous lighting here. It’s an old house, you can only ask for so much 😉 The theme of the night was “too much is a great place to start.” Jenny got the message. I didn’t know we were going that all-out.


The plantation was called Houmas House, and it was a sugar cane plantation that was originally owned by the Houmas tribe, who then sold it. The house was passed to several other owners after that, and the man who owns it now actually lives on the second floor of the house. The grounds are incredibly expansive and breathtaking.


Inside the house, I went for the vodka pineapple. We all swore the bartender was twelve, but that’s beside the point.


And this is what I saw when I stepped outside for dinner. I actually had to stop and pinch myself. Dinner was delicious, like every meal I had. It involved pumpkin soup, eggplant, steak and lobster tail. I tried a little bit of everything but I finished the pumpkin soup! After dinner, Jenny’s dad had a special surprise. A gospel choir emerged from the second floor balcony and sang for about twenty minutes. I actually cried a little bit because they were so talented and they sang a few songs that hold a special place in my heart. Then, we danced the night away to a band!


On the last morning, we finished the party weekend with a tasty brunch at the restaurant, preceded by drinks at the carousel bar. Jenny is hilarious, and this is why I love her. “Hair of the dog was the theme.” She and her siblings made shirts for brunch:


I wore one too! Here I am drinking a Nola specialty, milk punch. Sound gross? Well it tastes great. Put the name out of your mind and imagine a less creamy eggnog.


I cannot thank Jenny and her family enough for inviting me on this trip. It is something I will remember forever. And, Happy 50th Birthday to Jenny’s mom!

I promise that is the last recap post you will see for a while! Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.

Question of the Day:
Would you try a milk punch?



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