My Last HallOUween [MIMM #13]

HallOUween is what we call the Halloween weekend here at OU. Get it? We’re so clever.

I took it easy Friday night because I knew Saturday would be full of shenanigans, and as I’m writing this post on Sunday morning I am currently feeling the consequences of said shenanigans. I’m getting too old for this.

Thankfully, my final HallOUween was full of friends and fun. I had a really great time, and I have to say, this year’s costume was my best yet. Only one person guessed correctly (looking at you, Amy!) and lot of people said Belle, which wasn’t too far off since she’s my fave Disney princess) but… I was the Coppertone Baby!


Now, prepare yourselves for a barrage of pictures of my wonderful friends. I am happy to say that all of them are creative costumers. Lauren was the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story.”


Kellie was the energizer bunny, which is perfect for her personality. Speaking of Kell, she actually just started a blog, which you should check out! We won’t have to work very hard to have blogger meet-ups, considering I live with her. 😉


As you can see, I went for the iconic pose all night. Brittany was the Queen of Hearts, which is fitting because she’s one of my besties and has my heart forever.


I loved Bridget’s costume – not only because she looked great but also because she shared came bearing snacks.


Aaaand my lovely friend Melissa was Batwoman! Sorry for this dark pic!


And now I am vowing that I won’t be consuming any alcohol until Dad’s Weekend on Nov. 8. My body needs a little cleanse after the crazy October I had. I mean, Columbus, homecoming, Nola, AND HallOUween? Someone was clearly trying to kill me.

I plan on getting in some good workout sessions this week to sweat out all the gunk. Here’s what my workouts will hopefully look like:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Arm weights
Tuesday: 40 min bike + hot yoga
Wednesday: 20 min bike + legs
Thursday: Arm weights
Friday: Some kind of cardio
Saturday: 20 min bike + legs

Maybe I’ll throw in some nice brisk fall walks, too!

Thanks as always to the gorgeous Katie for hosting MIMM!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day:
How do you feel better after an extended period of treats and/or drinks?



  1. HAHAHAH I love this costume!!!! So creative! Also, that pose. You’re killilng me 🙂 so creative, you’re going to make me look bad come halloween on thursday!

  2. Ah you are too cute!!! Still learning how to not overdo it on alcohol. Well actually I think I’ve gotten somewhat better. I’ve learned that cutting it out completely for me causes me to backfire so I drink when I want to and stop when I feel like I might get the spins lol! Also working full-time makes you not want to drink as much. Ugh I want to be back in college!

  3. Well it’s not Belle, but I guess it’ll do 😉 I kid, I kid — love the costume… especially the little butt crack you drew in 😆 And I find that just doing my best to eat healthy, stay hydrated, and keep active usually helps me feel better after those periods of extra indulgences. Nothing too extreme… just back to the basics.

  4. LOVE all the costumes. I had never thought to dress like the Coppertone baby or energizer bunny, but that’s adorable. Oh I feel you on the shenanigans. I need a break maybe until Thanksgiving! ok, not that long but props for rallying to write this post.

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