Friday Favorites

I am super happy it’s Friday. This week was rough on the focus front (maybe because I barely slept all weekend?). And I’m pumped for tomorrow’s block party, so that didn’t help either.

But can I tell you my most favorite part of this week?



There was a 50% off sale on the bulk foods bin at my local Kroger this week! Did you hear that!? A HALF-OFF SALE AT BULK BINS. I felt like a nutcase, I was so excited.


(Please excuse my tired eyes.) They are changing vendors and needed to quickly empty all of the bins, so I ended up with quite the bounty. I won’t have to buy chickpeas or lentils for the next few months, I think. Or cashews. Or slivered almonds.



Favorite Facts:
This resonated with me since I am dealing with a knee injury right now. There are so many ways to injure knees – they’re really sensitive but important to our mobility. Heather shared some great insight into how our knees get injured and what to do when that happens.

Favorite Moves:
Need a good full body workout? Tina always delivers and this “I Want It All” circuit looks to be no different!

Favorite Reality Check:
Gina summed it up really well. Make sure you read her post about diets and dieting.



Favorite obsession:
So into yoga lately. I even registered for a yoga class next semester. It probably won’t compare to my studio, but hey, it’s better than nothing! And let’s be real, I’ll still be going to the studio.

Favorite seasonal:
Give me all the bright plaids and puffer vests in the land. 

Ooookay so have a great weekend! Can’t wait to show you my costume on Monday.

Question of the Day:
Do you love the bulk food bins or do you love the bulk food bins? Because I’m not letting you say you don’t.



  1. Thanks for the shout out, lady! I think puffer vest are so adorable and have pinned many pins with them, but haven’t bought one. I always think it my be too preppy for me, but J.Crew factory has some super cute ones, so I might just have to take the plunge.. Have a great weekend!

  2. Bulk bins are my FAVORITE. Sesame sticks are literally like crack for me haha I’m taking pilates next semester! We’re going to be bendy buds or something like that…

  3. OMG 50% of bilk bins?!?! ahhh thats my idea of heaven on earth!! i would have gone crazy there. i love the bulk bins 🙂 looks like you got some great stuff, way to make the most of it!! 🙂 and yay for plaids and puffy vests!!

  4. Wait……….I am ALL OVER THAT! I can’t wait to get off work now to go bulk bin shopping. Highlight of my Friday now. I am so lame haha 😉

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