An Apple A Day [WIAW #28]

Wednesday! It came so fast, and I didn’t get everything done that I need to yet! Yikes. But more on that Friday 🙂 Today’s all about yesterday’s eats, just like every Wednesday.

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting this scary good link-up. We just keep coming back for more!

Before breakfast, I had four dates and a mug of hot lemon water, and then I went for a two mile walk. It was so refreshing to get outside early! I passed by some other walkers and felt a nice camaraderie, as cheesy as that sounds. I think that sometimes the older locals appreciate a college student who isn’t running around with a drink in hand.



Uhhhh guys this was possibly the best breakfast I’ve had in a while, which is saying a lot because I had a pretty freakin’ good smoothie on Monday. Pumpkin egg white oatmeal, made with pumpkin I puréed myself after feeling inspired, and topped with some banana and pumpkin butter.



My digestive system has been feeling a lot a bit off this week, which could be due to some stress and also strange eats over the weekend. I hoped this kombucha, in Cabernet Grape flavor thanks to this girl, would help, but it really didn’t. It just tasted good.



There’s not much more to say about this lunch than it totally hit the spot. I ate it at work, and two people both told me I was making them hungry! In the mix was tuna, red onion, avocado, and Mrs. Dash table seasoning.



This snack was also perfect. Honey-cinnamon roasted chickpeas and a pear, my first of the fall season! (That’s pear season, right?)



I mean… no surprise here. Snack perfection. An apple a day…



Dinner was late once again after hot yoga and meetings, but it was pre-made so all I had to do was heat it up! I made salsa chicken in the crockpot sunday, and I had the protein with a side of brown rice and broccoli.

And I’ll leave you with this today!

Question of the Day:
How are you going to make today great? I have some packing to do and some work to finish, and I know I’ll feel really accomplished once that’s all done.



    1. Community. I have noticed the same thing overtime. People are initially very skeptical about college students but when you give them a reason to trust you, you break that stereotype. I know it happened in my condo association. They tried to kick my roommate and I out before we even moved in! Now we are quieter than our elderly neighbors! I love those morning walks seeing people not of college age out and about. It’s a nice way to start the day. Oh and an apple a day- a must.

      1. I always get a good satisfied feeling proving community members wrong. Is that bad? I just want to be like “no, I am a good kid, don’t you get it!!” We are definitely a quiet little apartment here, too.

  1. LOL my roommates and I lived in a house near campus last year, but it was mainly families around us. They would always look at me in awe if I was out running or, ya know, actually doing something to better myself. I’m sure they were thinking “where is her beer?!”

    1. Yeah they just think we’re all crazy kids! Funny thing is they were prob all crazy kids at one point too. I’m sure I’ll switch to the skeptical community member at some point in my life.. not yet though. Responsible fun is the name of my game 😉

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