Taste of a New Place

If you are reading this I assume you made it through Monday and are hopefully over last weekend and focusing on the week ahead. I am not. My mind is still very in weekend-mode and back in Columbus.

I was in the city for the Run Like A Girl race, but Cassie and I made the most of our time exploring the city, mostly in the form of a food tour (because is there any other way to get a real taste of a new place?).

I’m going to do a mostly photo-dump post here with a few descriptions to fill you in.


Salad, pizza and wine at Yellow Brick Pizza.


We stayed a good twenty minutes past our welcome because they had a rocking playlist with everything from Destiny’s Child to Ja Rule. Throwback city.



Exploring North Market. Lots of vendors! We missed the farmer’s market by a few hours.


Seasonal pumpkin beer.


Crazy good, peppery burger at Bodega Gastropub.


Concert at Newport Music Hall. They spelled The Neighbourhood wrong.




So good. They put on a great show and the lead’s voice is amazing. I made the photo black and white because they have a thing that most media about them be done in b&w. I decided t comply.





Pic with the opening act, Lovelife. Good British blokes.



Pumpkin pancakes at Tommy’s Diner. Seasonal mouthsplosion.


Jeni’s ice cream. Dark chocolate and mint that tasted straight-out-of-the-garden fresh. YUM.

We also ate a Betty’s, which was a standard but tasty brunch meal, after our races Saturday. Totally forgot to take a picture, but it was a satisfying meal.

Columbus’s restaurant scene, in my opinion, was very trendy. It was interesting to see the dynamics of the city, since a major university lives there. There are a bunch of awesome specialty shops in the Short North, and Easton Towne Center is the swankiest outdoor mall I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely a cool place to go for a weekend trip and has some great foodie spots!

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite foodie city? Personally I think Pittsburgh is a cool hidden foodie city but I may be biased. I also highly enjoy the eats in Annapolis, MD.



  1. You seriously had the best weekend of food I’ve ever seen. Pizza, burgers, ice cream. Can I just live vicariously through your weekend right now? Good, because I am. I need to get my first pumpkin beer of the season soon! I’m slackin.

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