Either Way [Half-Marathon Monday]

It’s Monday. AND IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL. That cancels out all Monday blues. Go get yourself a pumpkin spice latté and cheer the heck up!

Like the past few weeks, Monday means it’s time for me to talk about how I’m really not ready to run this half-marathon.


Today is no different. I still don’t feel ready. But instead of harp on about that once again, I’m going to direct you to this post by Char. I saw it when I was feeling particularly down on Saturday, and it was exactly what I needed to read.

“I can’t wait to run 13.1 miles because it’s my escape, it’s my reflection… and it makes me feel amazing.” 


Here’s what my workouts this week will hopefully look like:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Weights
Tuesday: 2 mile run + hot yoga
Wednesday: Bike
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Run (not sure how long)

And just for fun here’s what I look like when I bike at the gym and also have a cold and stress pimples. Just being real here yo.


Question of the Day:
What’s your fitness plan for the week?



  1. That is the best perspective I have ever heard in regards to a half. You WILL be ready for it. Maybe not the kind of ready you thought you’d be, but running is about so much more than PRs and medals. It’s an escape. I know that if I (and you) look at it that way, running these races we feel less than ready for will go so much better.

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