Friday Favorites

Reading blogs/internet surfing has been my lifesaver this week – stressed out to the max for really no reason, because I have a good handle on my school work. Extracurricular pressure was getting to me a little, but luckily that’s cleared up!

Let’s check out what’s pulled me through the abyss known as “Week 4.”


Favorite duh:
Duh as in, why didn’t I think of that?! Adding pumpkin to rice is a great way to incorporate some veggie power and make the most of this blogger obsession.

Favorite nostalgia:
I used to get rice pudding at this little convenience store down the street from me. This healthier version is just what I need to bring the love back. Maybe add in some raisins?

Favorite blog advice:
Let’s face it: I’m still pretty new to this thing called blogging. I take any tips I cant get, and this list is a great compilation!


Favorite reality:
I mean… enough said.

Favorite decor: 
When I have my own real place, my kitchen is going to be my focal point. It will have something punny like this on the wall, no doubt.

Favorite quote:
Too much champagne can (mostly) be just right. If my dad is reading this, he’s laughing right now.



Favorite truth:
This just goes to show that we can’t always trust numbers. You can’t measure passion, no matter how many monitors you attach to yourself.

(image source)

Have a super duper Friday!

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite way to spice up plain rice? Apparently my tastebuds were pulling me toward rice recipes this week.



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