What’s Your Consumer Personality?

Last night I had to take a personality test for one of my marketing classes. I love taking these types of tests, and always do them for fun anyway. Of course, the one from last night was more trustworthy and science based than the ones I find on magazine websites, but still.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 8.19.46 AMYeah, like that. 😉

The test I took last night, the VALS consumer survey, is geared toward U.S. adults and is a tool that marketers use to separate adults into segments to more easily market to them. After you take the survey, you are given a primary and secondary consumer group.

My primary motivation is Experiencer. My second motivation, which affects the approach I take to my primary motivation, is Achiever.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 8.38.38 PM
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As an Experiencer, I supposedly am motivated by self-expression and the desire to have to coolest, newest things. I am easily excited by trends, but I can quickly lose interest in them. Additionally, I am an avid consumer and am willing to spend money to have the best of the best.

As an Achiever, I am supposedly motivated to act as an Experiencer with the idea that I will better myself, my family, and my career. Family is very important to me, and I like products that are time tested and/or successful with peers.
(info source)

Is that really me? I actually have to say, to a degree, yes. I place value in products that are of high worth to me, but not necessarily always the “coolest or newest” things (iPhone aside…). Plus, I’ve always been someone who acts in the interest of my own success or in a way that ultimately will bring my closer to my family or a career.

The main beef I had with the results were that the example products for Experiencers were Redbull and Rolling Stone. Errrr… no. How about Starbucks and Glamour? Yeah, that’s more like it.


But as I got to thinking about it, I was able to relate these traits to myself in terms of my health as well. I am willing to spend money on things that will bring me greater health (i.e., vegetables, other healthy food), and I get easily excited by the coolest health products, like fitness shoes. I’m willing to break the bank to get a good pair of running shoes.


Likewise, I am an Achiever in my healthy lifestyle as well. I love to buy things to help my fitness and health that have been time-tested or approved by my peers… hello Designer Whey and Love Grown Foods. Without blogs, I wouldn’t have been as willing to purchase these products from the get-go.

I have to admit, I am never surprised by my results in these types of tests. I think that I have a pretty solid grasp on my own values and who I am, so it’s interesting to pull results and relate them to how I see myself.

If you want to take the survey you can use this link!

Question of the Day:
What do you think your primary and secondary motivations would be?
If you take the survey it’s not that long!), how do you think your result relates to you?



  1. I’m def. taking this survey when I get home from work.. I love surveys too! I think I can definitely relate to your results, especially in terms of health and fitness. I’m willing to spend a lot of money on healthy food and high quality shoes because I know it’s worth it in the long run! (And Nike’s just because they’re cute :-))

  2. As a history and journalism major I found this survey extremely intriguing- thanks for posting!!!According to the survey I am an innovator and achiever. Here are some of the traits that were spot-on: goal oriented lifestyle, deep commitment to family, receptive to new ideas and technologies. Some of the other traits were a bit shaky. This survey reminded me of the MBTI personality test I took as a freshman!

  3. ohh i love surveys- i cant wait to find out what my consumer personality is! and, to be honest, im even more excited to take this seventeen survey and find out what my halloween costume will be 🙂 and yumm starbucks, im hitting that midday slump, i could really use one of those about now 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you! I’ve got a blog too, by the way. It’s a fantastic little blog about healthy living, it’s particularly for those that are budget conscious. Myself, two other girls and a guy have just started out on our blogging journey (we call ourselves team HealthyU). We would love for you to come by our blog and would really appreciate any feedback!

  5. I took this in college, but just took it again…

    Your primary VALS™ type is Experiencer, and your secondary type is Innovator.

    The primary VALS type represents your dominant approach to life. The secondary classification represents a particular emphasis you give to your dominant approach.

    I think it’s pretty accurate for me!

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