Funny is Back [WIAW #24]

You know why yesterday was great?

No, not because I went to hot yoga. That was actually bad. I was so unfocused and it was just… not great.

No, not because it was my half birthday. 21 1/2??? Really? How? No.

No, not because I was having a great outfit day. Well… okay that was decent. I made it out of the house in something other than an OU tshirt and shorts.

Fine, I’ll tell you. Yesterday was great because New Girl returned. You know I love me some New Girl. AND The Mindy Project, which I grew to really like, was guest starring James Franco. AND Andy Samburg’s new show Brooklyn 99 was funny! Last night was not lacking in laughs, which made up for a not-so-awesome day.

You know what else was actually good? My eats!

As per, thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting us! Make sure you check out the link-up. You might just find a new blogger you love!



Oh man. I just love eggs and spinach for breakfast! It’s kind of an epidemic. I think what gets me is that it’s kind of salty without actually having to add salt. Eggs and spinach are really the only savory breakfast aside from the occasional omelette that I like. But then I can follow it with…


Banana and PB, duh. I don’t know fi I ever told you this, but I drink coffee every day. I’m a two mug kinda gal.



This was my #Powerbowl of the day – a pretty rando creation I came up with the other night! I made an apple, chicken and carrot salad in homemade honey-dijon dressing. Then I got some mixed greens from the cafe for portability and put the salad over the greens.



Peanut butter and carrots. This is my after-class routine, some food and my computer. Oh, and then I had an apple too. Two apples in one day, I’m just a crazy kid!



Later dinners after yoga and meetings just really draw me to want brinner. Today’s brinner consisted of Love Grown Foods Super Oats with an egg white mixed in. I topped the oats with some blueberries and maple syrup.

So today Apple is releasing the iOs7. I think I’m going to download it today. It looks pretty sweet. Did you hear that Siri will now be able to talk like a man, too? Because that’s obvi the most important update they had to make…

Have a good one! We’ll chat more tomorrow 🙂

Questions of the Day:
Are you going to get iOs7?
Do you celebrate your half birthday?



  1. Wow we really are the same person. Our half birthdays are almost identical (mine was the 15th) and that makes us almost birthday twins. Add in that unfocused yoga session and we are officially one in the same. I didn’t know apple was releasing that today! Now I wish I had the 4s instead of the 4… I want to have a man talk to me on my phone. I knew I should have sprung for it a couple years ago when I first got my phone.

  2. 2 cups of coffee is defiantly the best! I usually drink one before leaving for work and take one in a travel mug. Your random lunch actually sounds really good! I don’t think I would have thought to combine those things. I’m not a big tv person, In fact I think it’s only ever on when Tyler is here and were watching a movie or sports but I have heard lots of people who love new girl.

  3. Banana + pb + 2 cuppas = all the yes! Also yessss to the Mindy Project, that show grew on me so much. Totally hooked me by the end. I have it recorded and waiting on my tv for after class 😉

  4. MMM I love over easy eggs! And pb & banana. Two of my favorite meals in the world… I used to call them dippy eggs when I was little. OK, I still do. Happy half birthday love! I’m 22 next month, what?! REALLYYY no.

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