Remembrance [WIAW #23]

Today is a pretty special What I Ate Wednesday because our host has officially added one more to the party. Go over to Peas & Crayons and tell her how sweet little Chickpea is. πŸ™‚

Tuesdays, guys. They’re just really weird for eating food. If I don’t plan something the night before that can stay cold (or room temp), I just end up eating like a wacko. In my case, wacko means nomming on peanut butter twice in one day (with maybe another spoonful thrown in) because it is easy + yummy + nutritiously sound.

I declared my bowl of Super Oats topped with bananas and cinnamon my Powerbowl for yesterday. It was insanely good and I am still in awe over how the geniuses at Love Grown Foods do it. I added an egg white to the mix and it kept me full for five hours.


Kombucha. This is my favorite kind I think, although Kevtia probiotic drink is up there too. I just really needed a distraction in class.


…If you can call it that? So snacky because I threw it together at the very last minute. But, it did the job I needed it to. Coconut Cho (on point for flav), mushrooms for some semblance of a veggie, an apple with some PB, and an almond coconut Kind bar. The Kind bar was spectacular if you like coconut.


PS: Did I tell you that I totally ate the yogurts Chobani recalled? Oopsie. I thought something was weird, but it was one day when I had carried it with me unrefrigerated for a bit so I thought that was the cause. Nope. Definitely had all the signs of the recalled ones. I’m still alive though, so it’s okay. And I still love my Cho!

Here’s the second dosage of an apple with PB that I did not take a picture of because that would just be ridiculous. Pre-hot yoga fuel.

…if you can call a spinach and egg dish at 8:45 PM that. Hit the spot because it was seasoned with Mrs. Dash Table Seasoning (no salt).



*And before I close today, I want to take a second and ask you to close your eyes, say a prayer/think a thought/whatever you do and remember everyone whose lives changed on this day twelve years ago.*


Question of the Day:
Please share any recipe/suggestion you have that is basic and can stay at room temp!Β I am desperate and lacking creativity as of late.



  1. Such a bummer about the Chobani recalls you had over there and I’m glad you were fine eating it in anyway. Actually, I’d have done the same as I don’t really go by expiration dates but just ‘tastes somehow okay, I’ll eat it’.
    And can I just say thanks for making me feel less weird knowing I’m not the only one carrying around mushrooms as a snack? I definitely got some looks for that in class.
    What I usually packed to eat at room temp were everything-but-the-kitchen-sink stews and curries. While they’re better warm I still enjoyed eating them semi-cold.

  2. I love oats! I have been eating it for breakfast for weeks in a row and it just doesnt get old. There are so many flavor combinations you can add. Spinach and eggs sounds like a great breakfast oops i mean dinner. a great dinner!

    1. I appreciate that, but it’s really not necessary! I still buy only your yogurt either way & and I am a huge fan. If I had wanted reimbursed I would have let you know! Thanks for finding this and contacting me. πŸ™‚

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