Subbing [Half-Marathon Monday]

So, my knee still isn’t quite right.


Ugh. All week I’d been searching for some sort of answer about what kind of injury I have and how to take care of it. The closest I’ve come to some sort of conclusion is that I may have IT band issues. Reason being, it hurts on the outside of my knee and the pain comes when I am ten to fifteen minutes into a run. It’s not a definitive answer but it’s an idea.

On Thursday, I went to bootcamp to see how my knee was feeling. My knee was okay at the beginning of class, but we started a warm-up with – you guessed it – about ten minutes of running around the room. I took it easy but the pain came right back. That was a big clue for me. I ended up leaving bootcamp early after two rounds of cardio moves following the warm-up (which left a big dent in my morale).

Luckily I have some great friends to keep my spirits up 🙂


There’s still hope!

Yesterday, I decided to try subbing with the stationary bike in order to keep my endurance up. I tried searching for equivalents of running distances on a bike. My speed did vary, but I was mostly biking at 15-22 mph. I went 10.1 miles (I wanted to go longer but had plans). According to a conversion chart I found, that’s only 2.8 run miles. Which is terrible. I really don’t like the stationary bike! I may or may not have Snapchatted a video of my feet pedaling accompanied by some expletives to my friends.

I want to try to run at some point this week. I’m thinking I can test the waters on Wednesday. Until then, my workouts are going to be weight training and cycling heavy.

Sunday: Biking
Monday: Biking and/or weights
Tuesday: Hot Yoga
Wednesday: Run (distance depending on how the knee feels)
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Biking
Saturday: Rest or Weights or Run

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope you start the (unfortunately full) week off strong 🙂

Question of the Day:
What do you think of biking/cycling? I love spinning classes but I am not a big fan of biking on my own.



  1. If you have access to a pool that might be a good way for you to keep your endurance up without running. I hope your knee feels better soon though! I’m still having tendon problems from this spring and it can be really frustrating.

    1. For sure. Also, for some reason when you sad “listening to your knee,” I got this elaborate scene in my head of myself holding a stethoscope up to my knee and yelling “JUST TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG!!!” I’m weird.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of biking/cycling, though I’ve also never given either one of them much of a chance. I always feel like I get a better workout on the elliptical or treadmill. As for your injury, I’m sure you will be fine in a few days, as long as you take it easy.
    Question for you…do you like hot yoga better than regular yoga? I’ve never done it and am a bit curious (though I can’t take a class until I’m able to wear my contacts again. Otherwise, my glasses will be sliding off of my face from all of the sweat..cute!)

  3. Sounds like IT band to me but then again I’ve been dealing with mystery knee and leg issues all year and have been diagnosed with everything under the sun!!!

    I like spinning classes and if I spin on my own I try to mimic them by adding in intervals. Don’t think I could just bike for 30 mins straight. Hang in there lady and try not to lose morale! Ice and foam rolling can do wonders!

  4. I’ve been riding on a stationery bike lately due to lower back pain, instead of running/power walking. I normally average 20mph for about 30 minutes… not as good as running but at least I can still stay active. 🙂

      1. I have had hip/iITBS/lower back issues for a few years, and it made me stop running all together. I am finally going to see a chiropractor next week, and feel that should be a great place to start.

        I have been dealing with this issue for over 4 years, so my advice is to go get it looked at ASAP. If you wait around you may end up having to give up things you like doing, and trust me, that is hard and no fun!!

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