Friday Favorites

School. I am just not having it. My major has never required me to do a ton of intense scholarly article reading, and one of my journalism topics classes does this semester. It was pretty funny in Tuesday’s class because people had complained to the professor, so she cut down on our reading assignments. Mix journalism majors with senioritis and we are just like… eh, no thanks to academic reading.

So, I look to blogs to procrastinate and I will not apologize for that. Here are some things from around the blog world, Pinterest and the web that I’ve been loving this week!


Favorite truth:
Last week I featured Cori’s reason’s why she loves to run and why it’s the best ever. Well, after my little knee injury last weekend, I’m really feeling the sentiments she shared this week because sometimes running sucks.

Favorite foodie:
As food bloggers, we are constantly sharing what we eat. But why do we eat what we do? This post shared both the nutritional and sometimes emotional benefits of one day’s eats and it basically rocks.

Favorite motivator:
Pushups are hard. Squats are hard. Sit-ups are hard. 100 of each for 21 days? Uhhh.. super hard. If any of you are brave enough to do this, let me know. I think it’s a great way to squeeze in some work, but my arms might fall off if I tried.



Favorite wisdom:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (do I overuse that phrase? whatevs.), I need NEED need to get my finances together. There are some good tips here!… even if you’re not in your twenties.

Favorite fitness: 
I’m inept when it comes to using certain equipment at the gym. Medicine balls being one. The only moves I really know are the partner one where you pass the ball to each side and the Russian twist. This workout clears up that issue for me!



Favorite hometown:
I wouldn’t necessarily say all of these things are weird… but maybe that’s because I’ve experienced most of them. Wanna hear something cool? My dad painted the inside of this building at Pitt (or what the BuzzFeed calls a Gothic-style skyscraper).


If nothing else, look at the last link to see a funny picture of a Pittsburgh sports fan.

Catch ya on the flip side! aka tomorrow.

Questions of the Day:
What’s your favorite internet find this week?
Do you use medicine balls at the gym?



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