Month: September 2013

I Will Get My Wine [Half-Marathon Monday + MIMM #10]

Hey guys! I feel both really hyper and really tired at the same time. I’ve officially been awake for two hours, and I have no idea why. Should be a great day, huh?

Strange sleeping patterns aside, I had a super weekend and I hope you did, too. My family came to visit me, and they brought my grandparents along (dad’s side!). I was so happy to have them finally see my campus since I won’t be living here much longer.

We ate at my favorite local restaurant on Saturday night and then traveled to a nearby lodge to stay the night. After brunch in the morning (big ass pancakes for me), we came back to campus and I showed them around!


I had a marvelous time with them! And on this Marvelous Monday, I want to thank Katie for allowing us to link up and reflect on the awesome people we can spend our time with and the fun activities we can enjoy.

So changing directions here, I have some interesting news to share in regards to my upcoming half-marathon. I have been seriously taking it easy with the runs. My knee was feeling good the past two weeks and I was really hopeful.

On Saturday, I went for a run. My knee wasn’t feeling that great on Friday afternoon, and it sort of came out of nowhere because I thought I was doing everything right and was on the mend.


I got about a mile into the run and had to stop. I felt the same tinges of pain I felt the first time my knee started hurting but I didn’t push the pain for nearly as long as that time (i.e. I stopped as soon as it started).

With pain resurfacing, I have decided there’s pretty much no chance of me successfully finishing a half marathon and staving off a worse injury. Therefore, I am planning on contacting the race organizers and asking them to switch my registration to the 5K option. I believe that this distance is more doable and I won’t feel as terrible wasting the money I paid for the race. That way, if I do have to walk, it won’t be as long a distance, and I’ll still get my bottle of wine!

Here’s what my workouts are looking like for the week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Bike
Tuesday: Bike + Hot yoga
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday:  Bike
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Run Like A Girl Half-Marathon 5K

On the bright side of everything, I get to see Cassie this weekend as well as my current band obsession, The Neighbourhood. 🙂

Question of the Day:
Have you ever had to change your race distance or drop out of a race?


Friday Favorites

Here’s a little story for you:

I didn’t post yesterday because my internet randomly went out. I spent almost two hours over the past two days on the phone with the cable company and my internet still didn’t work. Yay. Lucky for you, I had an extra shift at work to write one for today, so you get a Friday Faves post!

First, I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my parents today, who are celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary my two crazy kids! I love you. PS dad is boogying down, he’s not actually shorter than mom.



I didn’t really pin that much this week, so instead of that we’re gonna chat about TV for a hot minute. New shows are either starting this week or on their second week. What new shows are you loving? Hating? Here’s what I like:

Sleepy Hollow:
I’ve never read the actual book or seen the movie, but I am really liking Sleepy Hollow so far. It’s a little far out because they mesh the past with the present and some of the special effects aren’t great, but the story is intriguing if you let yourself believe a man awoken from the dead and a cop are destined to save the world from the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Also, Ichabod Crane… dayyyyum. He’s a cutie.


I hadn’t heard of Dylan McDermott until American Horror Story, but I’ve been a fan of his ever since. I think he’s incredibly talented. This show is one of those edge of your seat ones, which are sometimes hard for me to watch, but the concept – holding a doctor and her family hostage because you need her to kill the president during surgery – is a new one. Oh yeah and they all have crazy secrets they’re holding.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine:
Because duh. Andy Samburg. It’s filmed similarly to The Office and has lovable, cooky characters.



Favorite honest:
Sometimes we need to check in with ourselves before we go down a path that could ultimately harm us, both mentally and physically.

Favorite truth:
This is one of the best posts written about the comparison trap and how harshly we judge ourselves.

Favorite shake:
Mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor of ice cream, so obviously I am down with anything that tastes like it! Healthy to boot? Heck yeah!



Favorite lit:
I love to read (I hope that’s a fairly well-known fact around here). 37 Books For Kids You Need to Re-Read as an Adult… yes. Bunnicula, anyone? I loved that little veggie-blood sucking rabbit. Oh and Where the Red Fern Grows – talk about a cry fest from my elementary days.

(Photo from Amazon)

That was shorter and sweeter than I would have liked, but who cares! It’s Friday! Go run around in a pile of leaves (too soon) and bake a pumpkin pie (never too soon).

Question of the Day:
What was your favorite childhood book? I preferred any Barbie book when I was too little to read for myself. My dad would read them with me and he’d pick one word to change throughout the story to another word that would make me laugh, like “poop” or something.

Real Dinner [WIAW #25]

Hey guess what?! I had a real dinner last night after yoga and meetings… which was after 8:30 pm…

I’m finally breaking free from my grandma status! We’ll see how long this lasts. Bets? Let’s wager something good.

Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting us and all of the other bloggers who look ridiculous photographing each meal (no matter the time or place) for the link up.



This breakfast is just not going away, is it? I’m pretty sure this is exactly what I had for breakfast last week, with the exception of coconut peanut butter instead of chocolate peanut butter on the banana.


Here’s what happens: I wake up and I make breakfast half out of my mind if I don’t start my day with a workout (no, I didn’t run today like I thought I would oops). Then I take my foodie pics and realize it is the same thing as last week and say to myself “Well, shit.” And then I post it here.



Out of class early equals a bored Angela. A bored Angela equals an Angela who is likely to buy a drink (I’m not like the other college students who might head to the bar for that though). Today’s drink of choice was a hot chai tea.



This is my new favorite lunch. It’s flavorful and easy to throw together in the morning, plus the protein from the chicken keeps me full until it’s time for an afternoon snack! If you’re new to the scene, it’s a mix of apple, chicken, carrots and homemade honey dijon dressing over a bed of greens.



That’s a date in my mouth. I think they look like weird bugs but they’re so tasty! I was trying to take a sly picture in class before it started. I think I had five dates as a snicky snack.



After class and before yoga class and my meetings, I needed some more staying power, so I had some vanilla Cho topped with cinnamon.



Pumpkin chocolate chili. That was my ‘real’ dinner, in real bad lighting. Sorry! It was 8:30 and dark, like I said above. PS keep an eye out for that recipe soon. It’s a good and spicy one! Aren’t those little pumpkins cute? I may or may not have held one in this picture…


Yeah, those nails are donezo already, in less than 24 hours. I have a chip on each one. I can’t keep manis I do myself nice! I think I need some new topcoat.

Question of the Day:
Do you get manis at a salon or prefer to do them yourself? Topcoat suggestions?