Friday Favorites

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in a pretty long time! I think that the perfect way to kick off a long weekend is with a recap of some posts, recipes, pins, etc. that caught my eye this week.


Favorite thought:
Running IS the greatest form of exercise (IMO). I totally agree. Every time I get into a workout slump, I always go back to running.

Favorite bite:
Dates are my best friend. No, not that kind of date… those are more like my worst enemy. Mixed the dried fruit kind with some pistachios and it sounds like a winning snack to me!

Favorite tips:
Take this advice if you’re new to the college game or just need a little help getting things together! It’s some good stuff.

Favorite blogging:
We could all use a little nudge in the right direction sometimes. I am always looking at help articles when it comes to blogging and what I could do better. This are simple but essential pieces of blogging advice.



Favorite decoration:
As a girl who loves her candy, I think this would be the perfect way to add some color and quirk to a room!

Favorite necklace: 
I’m very into bib necklaces and chunky necklaces at the moment. The chambray and gray really do well with this pop of color! Perf for fall transition.

Favorite fun:
It’s no secret I’ve been obsessed with watermelon. Even though the pin’s original source is for a kid’s bday party, tell me this wouldn’t be the cutest table piece at your Labor Day party!?



Favorite funny:
I really like James Franco. I think he’s a versatile actor, and I will even give him a pass on being in the worst movie I’ve ever seen – Spring Breakers – because he actually acted the part well. BUT this article from thought catalog… it’s hilarious and captures his (maybe somewhat conceited) persona.


Please check out the links above! It’s what I’ve been reading all week, and I guarantee you will like it 🙂

Have a great Friday and an awesome long weekend!

Question of the Day:
Tell me your plans for the weekend or leave me a link of one of your faves from the week!



  1. I absolutely love that necklace!! Thanks for sharing the back-to-school tips 🙂 I’m doing the Color Run tomorrow and driving the little sis to move into school. And some recipe testing! Hope you have an awesome long weekend too!

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