About That Plan [Half-Marathon Monday]

First day of school! First day of school!

Okay so you caught me. Technically it’s the first day of classes, but I only have one later in the day. #seniorproblems… or is that more like #senioradvantages?

Either way, today is already off to a great start. I went to bootcamp with Brittany bright and early today. There’s a new instructor this year and she kept the same format I liked as last year. We did a very functional/Crossfit-esque routine with everything from wallballs to burpees to a ten minute cardio circuit. It was an awesome full body workout. I loved it! It was the perfect beginning to my Monday.



And yeah… about that plan. I honestly haven’t been great at keeping up with my long runs but I have done well with the shorter runs. When I do those short runs, they’re a piece of cake. I’m up to nine miles this week and I’m kind of nervous. Various circumstances (like, ahem, rain… rain runner I am NOT, vacation and moving back to school/seeing older friends before they leave for good) have kept me busy on other days. I have just over a month to the race, so I know I’ll be okay. It’s just a little daunting!

Here’s what my workout schedule is going to look like this week:

Sunday: Off
Monday: Bootcamp
Tuesday: Time trial run(4 mile run with 2 mile timed)
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 4 mile run with 15 min tempo
Friday: Yoga or 9 mile run
Saturday: Yoga/CT or 9 mile run


I still have to figure out how my weeks with class and work will flow, but hopefully this is how it’ll go.

Have a great Monday and if you or your children start back to school like me, I wish them luck!

Question of the Day:
Do you like to do whole body workouts or target an area?



  1. I definitely like whole body workouts! I think they’re efficient. I know I just started reading your blog a little bit ago, so I’m excited to hear that you are training for a half! Can’t wait to read more

  2. #seniorproblems. Seriously. It’s technically my first day of school too but it’s 5pm and I haven’t had my first class yet. Can’t say I’m upset about it either. Your training for your half looks pretty much like mine does right now. I haven’t been running more than 3-4 days a week and that’s alright. I think as long as we get in one longish run a week and a few shorter ones, we’ll be good to go! Plus, you got a bunch of cross training in so that helps too 🙂

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