One Whirl Yoga Fest [MIMM #8]

Today I’m taking a detour from Half-Marathon Mondays (already?!?! yes.) to recap a sweet event I attended on July 27. I’ve put it off long enough, so what better day to share than Marvelous in My Monday?

As usual, thanks to Katie for putting the link-up together! PS If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should. She posts the cutest pictures of her newborn baby Rocco.

Whirl is a Pittsburgh-based lifestyle magazine that details events, restaurants, trends and more in Western, PA. They sponsor a now-annual yoga fest held at Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh called One Whirl Yoga Fest. The event is outdoors, features five tents with yoga classes held hourly all day, and is surrounded by fun vendor tents.


While the rain did not stay away from the event, we managed to get to three classes and stay (mostly) dry. I think rain is something that the event needs to better accommodate for in future years because there was no shelter unless you were taking a class – and full classes had people practicing in the rain and soggy grass. Slippery mat=not for me.


I went with Cassie, from work, and the first class we attended was Free Your Hips. Since we are both runners, we thought this would be a great one. However, we had to run to find cover once the rain started. After about a half hour of standing around, we finally went through a full class called Ashtanga Yoga. This was neither of our favorite class – we didn’t like the instructor – but it was interesting to try a different style than I am used to. Lots of jumping on the mat in Ashtanga!


After that class, we left for a bit of a lunch break and returned an hour later for Power Yoga. We both agreed that this class was excellent. It was taught by two instructors, and both women were so funny and engaging. I was sweating by the end, and it was a cool day!


We had a chance to check out the vendor booths after Power Yoga because the rain stopped and we had some time before our next class. Several vendors were lined up around the field, and we got to try some great samples.


My favorite booth was by far Fresh from the Farm Juices. I think Cassie and I sampled each one they had available. I loved their green juice, but the black and yellow juice stole the show (black and yellow, Pittsburgh, hehehe). It was a mixture of pineapple, orange, blackberry and lavender. The lavender was a great flavor surprise.

We also tried barre bars, which were actually developed in Pittsburgh by two ballerinas! How cool is that? They are like Larabars and were delicious.

After some wandering, we flowed through our final class of the day, Mindful Vinyasa Flow. This one was a little tougher for me because we held the poses longer. My legs and arms were shaking! She focused a lot on breath, which I am trying to be more conscious of in my practice, so I appreciated the class.


Despite the rain, it was a really fun event!


Question of the Day:
Have you ever been to a similar, all-day yoga event?



  1. Wow, an all-day yoga event sounds cool!! I’ve never encountered anything like that before. Bummer about the rain, but at least you got some classes in. πŸ™‚

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