You’re Such A Sweet Potato [WIAW #19]

I went through a phase a few months ago where I ate sweet potatoes nearly every day. You know the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? I was concerned that that would ring true for me… uh as much as I like them, I’d rather not be orange. I still love them, but just not as much as I did during that time. They made a sweet appearance yesterday.









1. I had my new fave bfast again. I wonder if there is something in eggs that my body is craving?
2. PB, banana, chia seeds. Gotta have that PB.
3. Weird morning craving for carrots topped with PB. I indulged.
4. Baked sweet potato dipped in vanilla Cho greek yogurt. I think sweet potatoes are better baked.
5. Lunch time cherries x1000.
6. Chia pudding soup. I tried. I mixed chia seeds, almond milk, a dash of coconut milk, and coconut flakes together. It didn’t congeal like I’d anticipated. Too much milk. It wasn’t all that terrible, except for the horrendous amount of seeds in my teeth afterward. Ate an apple as well!
7. Dinner was perfect. Cauliflower with spicy seasoning and ketchup (ketchup smothered on after picture), canned green beans I rinsed to get a bit of the excess salt off of, and TJ’s chicken sausage. I found this sausage a few trips ago, but my parents ate all of it (rude). I finally got my share and have some still in the freezer.
8. Nighttime snack of 5 dates while I watched Monday’s Bachelorette (can’t believe Brooks left, how annoying) and PLL.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Big thanks to Jenn for hosting and all of the other bloggers for participating!

Catch ya later 🙂

Question of the Day:
Carrots with PB – Y or N? Better be yes.



  1. Carrots and peanut butter was my favorite snack when I was younger! Everyone thought it was so weird but I grew up eating that at home all of the time.

    You and Jenn must think a lot alike because you both at sweet potatoes on the mind today! 🙂

    1. I’ve never seen that variety, I’ll have to look. My dad typically takes care of canned goods and even if less salt is available he ignores it. It literally took years for me to switch him over to less sodium soy sauce.

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