I Might Like Nut Butters

I dunno, I think I might like nut butters.


I went a little crazy yesterday. I couldn’t help it though. And I don’t regret it. I tasted a little bit of the coconut peanut butter right when I got home because I’ve been dying to try it. Coconut and peanut butter in one? That’s some dangerous sh*t.

I put it on my banana this morning for breakfast, but I may have to lock it up in a closet for the remainder of my life because I could eat a jar a day.

I bought the spread at The Fresh Market. They put a new location nearby a Trader Joe’s, so obviously I had to stop in. I’d never visited the store before, but i thought it was nice. The building was deceivingly large, and that was my main complaint. I think I prefer Whole Foods because there is a wider selection of product. Isn’t it a trait of my generation “need” many options? I am succumbing to the stereotype.

TJ’s still has my heart, though.

And now for some exciting news on the workout front…
I officially signed up for my second half marathon. Woo hoo! My friend from work (Hopefully! Also I hope she reads this as she is sitting behind me in our cubes) and I are running the Run Like A Girl Half-Marathon in October.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 9.40.49 PM

I could not be more excited. I’ve felt restless with my cardio workouts lately and haven’t wanted to do anything other than hot yoga. I still love running, but I knew I needed some sort of goal to work toward.

Training starts Monday, so you know what that means. The return of Half-Marathon Mondays! I will dive in to my plan and solid goals next week.


And since it’s Friday, I can’t leave without giving a shout-out to a few faves. I’ve been better on the blog reading front this week.

This could be helpful to know for my training: Different Types of Running Workouts via Carrots ‘N’ Cake
I like cleanses that include whole foods: Slim Sanity 7 Day Cleanse via Slim Sanity
I need to do this and get back to the A.M. training grind: Skipping the Snooze via RunHunny

Have an amazing Friday!

Questions of the Day:
Ever been to The Fresh Market? What food store do you prefer?



  1. I like Fresh Market too, have not been to the one they opened here yet! I lived in Indiana and we had one out there! Trader Joe’s is the best! I agree! They are putting in whole foods across from south hills village mall! I am excited! 2014 I believe is when it will be open!

    Happy weekend love! Oh and I love that coconut pb too!

    And….congrats on signing up for the run!

  2. I might like nut butters too. Just a little. 😉 I have yet to try the Earth Balance one though. Although I am all about coconut everything, I am always nervous to buy flavored nut butters since I like my plain once so darn much. And that is exciting you are doing your second half, I can’t wait to hear about your training plans! I was so on track to do my first half, and then I lost all motivation to run…fail. Hopefully it will resurface soon though!

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