Bad Blogger [WIAW #17]

I am a terrible blogger. I still haven’t trained myself to take pictures all the time. When will I ever learn? Probably never. I am using an old pic of breakfast that I never put on here and am lacking lunch and snack photos. But you don’t need to see the salad I ate for lunch, anyway. It was gross.

Thanks to Jenn for the linkup!


Bfast came earlier than usual yesterday because I was heading into work to watch a video shoot. I’ve been obsessed with this breakfast lately. Someone needs to help me break the addiction. I start with 3 egg whites, 2 eggs, and spinach cooked into an omelette form (Sometimes it breaks up. Womp. I am no omelette chef).


And I end with a banana and PB.


Carbs, protein and veggies, baby.


My stomach was yelling at me for some food by 10 am, so I ate two brown rice cakes. I have a stash in my desk. I may or may not have had three more later in the day (I did… afternoon/stress snackage).


Insert bad salad here. It was the dressing, really. It was supposed to be spicy thai but all I could taste was soy sauce and fish sauce. Ew. I will steer clear of that today.


I went for an old standby when I got home – my veggie pasta bowl. Serious yum. I guess I was craving carb-y things yesterday, but I did turn down the white pasta my dad had already cooked. I was sitting next to an SI swimsuit model in the morning, and let me tell ya, nothing will make you say no quicker to refined carbs than that.


I’ve also had some bubbly nearly every night with dinner. No, not champagne. Sparkling water! Love this kind.



I picked up this chocolate bar from TJ’s the other day. It is amazingly delicious. I guess even a model can’t sway me from my chocolate. I had 4 squares to end the night while I watched PLL, Rizzoli & Isles, and half of the Suits premiere before I was too tired.


Hump dayyyy! Have a good one. πŸ™‚

Question of the day:
Do you like sparkling water?



  1. Don’t feel like a bad blogger for forgetting to take pictures at times – there’s more to life than that :).
    The pasta bowl looks good and I like the sound of that chocolate. “even a model can’t sway me from my chocolate” <- I like this and I'm the very same. Nothing like ending the night with chocolate – food-wise, that is.
    Sparkling water is my favourite refreshing beverage and I was confused when in France. Why don't the like the bubbly?!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. My omelets look like that, too. As long as it tastes good, right? Should we start an ugly food fan club for those of us who can’t make our meals look fancy-shmancy? Haha!

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