Grilled Pizza Galore

I could start this post with a long drawn out apology for taking over three weeks away from the blog… but I’m not going to do that.

Why? I’ve been having a blast, and just frankly didn’t have ample time to create worthwhile content. Plus, I’ve been getting home so late after leaving home early in the a.m. that I haven’t had time.

All you need to know is that I am absolutely loving my internship. LOVING. I feel almost too lucky right now and I am going to soak it all in for the last four weeks I have.

Know what else I love to soak in? Family time!


Friday was my dad’s birthday, and I made him a special dinner: grilled pizza! There’s something about the smoky flavor and crunchy crust of a pizza on the grill that is unmatched.


I followed this easy recipe for (mostly) whole wheat pizza dough. It was so simple.


To dress it up a bit, I made flavored olive oil with garlic and italian herbs to put on the dough as it grilled. I think it made the dish! We each had mini pizzas so we could top them as we wished.


This one was mine. Marinara, spinach, mushrooms, red onion, and cheese is one of my fave combos.

It was a marvelous meal and a marvelous, relaxed celebration!

A special thanks to Katie, who I never got to formally congratulate on the birth of her absolutely precious son Rocco. I can’t get enough of her Instagram pictures of the little guy!

Question of the day:
Have you ever made grilled pizza?



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