Month: July 2013

You’re Such A Sweet Potato [WIAW #19]

I went through a phase a few months ago where I ate sweet potatoes nearly every day. You know the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? I was concerned that that would ring true for me… uh as much as I like them, I’d rather not be orange. I still love them, but just not as much as I did during that time. They made a sweet appearance yesterday.









1. I had my new fave bfast again. I wonder if there is something in eggs that my body is craving?
2. PB, banana, chia seeds. Gotta have that PB.
3. Weird morning craving for carrots topped with PB. I indulged.
4. Baked sweet potato dipped in vanilla Cho greek yogurt. I think sweet potatoes are better baked.
5. Lunch time cherries x1000.
6. Chia pudding soup. I tried. I mixed chia seeds, almond milk, a dash of coconut milk, and coconut flakes together. It didn’t congeal like I’d anticipated. Too much milk. It wasn’t all that terrible, except for the horrendous amount of seeds in my teeth afterward. Ate an apple as well!
7. Dinner was perfect. Cauliflower with spicy seasoning and ketchup (ketchup smothered on after picture), canned green beans I rinsed to get a bit of the excess salt off of, and TJ’s chicken sausage. I found this sausage a few trips ago, but my parents ate all of it (rude). I finally got my share and have some still in the freezer.
8. Nighttime snack of 5 dates while I watched Monday’s Bachelorette (can’t believe Brooks left, how annoying) and PLL.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Big thanks to Jenn for hosting and all of the other bloggers for participating!

Catch ya later 🙂

Question of the Day:
Carrots with PB – Y or N? Better be yes.


Plan to PR [Half-Marathon Monday]

My second half-marathon training has officially started! Woo-hoo!


The plan: PR. My first half ended in 1:57, and I aim to beat that time, if only by a few minutes, in my October race.

Cassie, the work friend running with me, has completed multiple halves, her last one being the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon this past May. She’s such a rockstar! Her PR is coincidentally 1:57 as well, which pumps me up because that means we should be able to stay relatively close to one another during the race.



But I’m getting ahead of myself… How am I training for this race? Close to my last plan, actually. I followed a plan I found in Women’s Health, and I really enjoyed how it was structured.

This time around, however, I am making long runs a big priority. During my last training, long runs fell to the wayside in the weeks leading up to the race, and I felt unprepared.

Additionally, I want to focus on getting a little faster (to PR). I want to kick my interval runs up a notch by sprinting hard.

I am also adding more yoga and strength into my routine. Since I’ve recently fallen in love with practicing yoga, I’m going to use it for both easy recovery and strength building. I hope to be able to lift weights 1-2 times per week as well.

This evening, I will start out my training on a strong note with a time trial (TT) run to track my progress. TTs will involve running a warm-up mile followed by a timed two miles. They come every few weeks, with the point being to improve my time each run.

If you’re a runner god, that was probably painful for you to read because it is so very basic. I’m not claiming to know all about running because I am not an ultra-marathoner running encyclopedia – I just want to use this space to talk about my personal experiences with race training.

Make this Monday a good one!

Question of the Day:
Do you like to use yoga as more of a stress reliever, recovery activity, or hardcore workout? I like it as all three 🙂

I Might Like Nut Butters

I dunno, I think I might like nut butters.


I went a little crazy yesterday. I couldn’t help it though. And I don’t regret it. I tasted a little bit of the coconut peanut butter right when I got home because I’ve been dying to try it. Coconut and peanut butter in one? That’s some dangerous sh*t.

I put it on my banana this morning for breakfast, but I may have to lock it up in a closet for the remainder of my life because I could eat a jar a day.

I bought the spread at The Fresh Market. They put a new location nearby a Trader Joe’s, so obviously I had to stop in. I’d never visited the store before, but i thought it was nice. The building was deceivingly large, and that was my main complaint. I think I prefer Whole Foods because there is a wider selection of product. Isn’t it a trait of my generation “need” many options? I am succumbing to the stereotype.

TJ’s still has my heart, though.

And now for some exciting news on the workout front…
I officially signed up for my second half marathon. Woo hoo! My friend from work (Hopefully! Also I hope she reads this as she is sitting behind me in our cubes) and I are running the Run Like A Girl Half-Marathon in October.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 9.40.49 PM

I could not be more excited. I’ve felt restless with my cardio workouts lately and haven’t wanted to do anything other than hot yoga. I still love running, but I knew I needed some sort of goal to work toward.

Training starts Monday, so you know what that means. The return of Half-Marathon Mondays! I will dive in to my plan and solid goals next week.


And since it’s Friday, I can’t leave without giving a shout-out to a few faves. I’ve been better on the blog reading front this week.

This could be helpful to know for my training: Different Types of Running Workouts via Carrots ‘N’ Cake
I like cleanses that include whole foods: Slim Sanity 7 Day Cleanse via Slim Sanity
I need to do this and get back to the A.M. training grind: Skipping the Snooze via RunHunny

Have an amazing Friday!

Questions of the Day:
Ever been to The Fresh Market? What food store do you prefer?