A New Workout + Puffins

I come to you on this Wednesday morning regrettably without a true What I Ate Wednesday post but instead with an update on my new workout plan for the next few weeks.

It’s called prancercising.

Obviously, I’m kidding. Not saying that “prancing” can’t turn into a workout, but that’s not exactly my thing…

In actuality, I started a plan written by Jess over at Blonde Ponytail – her summer shape up! This morning I did a HIIT leg workout followed by a plank circuit.


This is my “I just rocked my legs and now I can’t breathe” look. But really, her workouts were killer! Go check out her plan.

Now I have two eats to share with you. One is coming at you from yesterday’s breakfast. Our team brought a special spread into work for our co-worker’s birthday! We had bagels, biscotti, fruit, and yogurt. I decided to have a blueberry bagel and a blueberry yogurt (I am sorry that I cheated on Cho), but I used the yogurt as a replacement for cream cheese. It was an excellent idea! Seriously, try it.


I also went shopping at Trader Joe’s and finally tried Peanut Butter Puffins. This could be the end-all cereal for me.


Question of the Day:

PB Puffins… have you tried them? 



  1. That is SUCH a good idea to use yogurt on a bagel! I normally have laughing cow or something but I will definitely be giving that a try soon 🙂 And sadly, no to the PB puffins, although they clearly need to be in my life ASAP.

  2. I pulled up the prancercize video on our living room tv to show my parents and brother a few weeks ago. I just could not stop laughing. Have you checked out her book on Amazon? Just read some of the comments. There is one in particular that is just so hilarious 😀

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