Shake That Thing

So, I got on to WordPress to write this post and was really confused by the way it looked. I guess they changed the platform design, and I totally wasn’t expecting it. When the look of a website changes, it totally throws me off for a minute.

In other news, I am feeling random tonight, so my post will be short and sweet so as to not bore/confuse/etc. you.

I took a Zumba class at my gym tonight with my friend Jess! I haven’t done Zumba in probably about a year, so it was fun to get back to it. We took Zumba toning, so there was a larger focus on strength movements. However, I didn’t feel that my weight (which was actually more like a morocco) was heavy enough. Either way, it was still fun to shake my groove thang. Cooling down to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars didn’t hurt, either. Love that song!


And in other other news, we found a large spider in my brother’s hiking boot in the garage the other night. It was one of the biggest spiders I’d ever seen. I found one of its babies crawling on our family room couch right before I sat down to write this.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever done Zumba or Zumba toning?



  1. I LOVE ZUMBA!! You just inspired me to go find a class to go to tonight. But actually, I’m obsessed. Especially when they play more modern music and less focused on the Latin fusion stuff. Ahhhh I miss my class at home.

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