In Pittsburgh with Parents [MIMM #5]

Happy Monday, friends! I feel like the weekend flew by, but I think that means that I had fun, right?


I got to spend some great quality time with my parents this weekend, and I really enjoyed myself. On Saturday, we went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play (and lose, sadly) the LAnDodgers. It was a close one!


The city was bustling this weekend, so we walked around for a bit after the game. We decided to eat at a restaurant instead of the park (but you know I got ice cream there anyway…). We went to a second-story restaurant called Las Velas.

Clearly, we had to get chips and salsa to start (and a marg with mom). I loved their salsa! It was so fresh and had a great kick of cilantro. Their chips were crunchy and homemade.


I ordered Pollo Al Cilantro for dinner, which was chicken covered in a zesty cilantro sauce. I just ate it as it came, no tortillas necessary! I didn’t eat the rice, though, and I couldn’t even make it through the chicken after loading up on chips and salsa. Oops.


After dinner, we checked out what remained of the arts festival. I saw the Chobani truck parked by the vendors, but it was late, and the truck was closed. 😦 Next time!


I had such a marvelous day with my parents, and I was glad we had the opportunity to hang out just the three of us!

(thanks for hosting, Katie!)

Question of the Day:

Have you ever encountered the Chobani truck?



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