WIAW #15-Crave Snacking

Every week I tell you that you “just catch me when I have an apple with peanut butter” and that’s why it appears in nearly every What I Ate Wednesday post. WELL. I have finally admitted to myself that, while I really don’t eat that snack every day, I eat it at least five times per week. Is that bad? I don’t really care 🙂 Maybe I’ll get sick of them sometime soon. Maybe not. Let’s just focus on my eats from yesterday in celebration of the party we all know and love, thanks to the ever sweet Jenn.

The theme for June is sensible snacking. I wouldn’t say I snacked sensibly yesterday… rather, I ate anything I craved. Maybe that kept me sane and sensible? I’ll take it.


I had to wake up pretty early to head to the mall for my retail job. When we do a new floor set, I go in to help out. For some reason I really enjoy laying out the new product! Since I had to go, go, go, I made a chocolate cherry smoothie (and I also took a thermos of coffee). And guess what else? The smoothie was a new recipe! I put the following in the blender: almond milk, water, vanilla Cho, chia seeds, a frozen banana, a bunch of cherries, a handful of spinach cocoa powder, Vega chocolate protein powder and a little honey.



When I got home from work, I was ravenous. This is where the apple and PB comes into play. Quick and delish.



I had a random craving for kale chips, so I whipped up a huge batch with some olive oil (TJ’s for the win) and salt. I now welcome you to Mount Kale Chip.


I also had a chicken breast and salsa. I love Newman’s products, and this salsa definitely satisfied.


Snessert (What we are now calling a snack/dessert)

Dark chocolate M&Ms. Nom nom nom. This handful times a million billion trillion. The brown ones are really ugly, in my opinion.



I experimented with a new recipe last night. It turned out okay but not great. Definitely not blog-worthy yet. I baked some meatless meatballs made from cannelleni beans and ate them alongside spaghetti squash and broccoli. I swear there is spaghetti squash and meatballs under the sauce.



I had some cereal before bed (small bowl x2) just because I felt like it. Fiber One, I think? Strangely I really like Fiber One cereals. I forgot to take a pic though!


Oh, and I haven’t worked out in, like, 4 days. I’m trying to be good to my stitches. Is it weird that every time I sneeze I think that they are going to break and all my guts will fall out? Probably, especially since the cut was not even that deep. Although, I did get way more stitches than I expected. I think my innards are okay for now. 😉

Question of the Day:

Do you have a favorite salsa? Fave M&M color? I think the color makes or breaks the experience of the candy. NEED RED.



  1. What I see is balance. Snacks are good, regardless of whether or not it seems like “too much”. If you’re hungry, go with it 🙂 M&Ms are the best. Red is my favorite by far. With most candies, actually. I’ve never tried Kale chips but I kind of want to. I’m afraid I won’t like them but I guess that’s okay as long as I try it!

    1. One time I made kale chips several days a week for a few weeks straight, and then I got so sick of them that the smell would make me feel nauseous. Now they are back in my life. They don’t even taste like greens, I bet you would like them! As long as you don’t try to eat the really stalky parts.

  2. Newman’s is by far my favorite salsa! Have you tried the pineapple one yet? So good!!! So if you haven’t, I suggest you run to the store like.. NOW, and pick yourself up a jar 🙂

  3. haha I had to laugh at the sneeze and guts fall out. I mean not funny to you but I feel ya. I tend to get so paranoid about any sort of injury or recovery time. I hate to say it but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  4. The minute you mentioned brown M&M’s, I was like YES, someone else understands. Definitely the worst flavor, and the worst tasting color (which is why I always eat them first….I supposed this may be a little OCD). I always save the blue ones for last though!

    AH and as for the salsa question, I highly recommend Mrs. Renfro’s Peach salsa, if you have it in your area – it’s sweet and spicy.

    1. Eh… Let’s try that whole message again. Apparently the grammar nazi in my head was on snack break for a bit 😉

      I feel like the color red is the epitome of candy, especially with M&M’s. I always hated the brown ones too!

      Haha… Much better 😀

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