WIAW #14: Grape Attack

Hello, hello! How are you doing? Good? I hope so! I’m alright today. My lower back hurts, and I’m not sure what I did to it. I used a heating pad, but maybe I should foam roll it? I don’t know.

Yesterday was election day, and I voted using one of those fancy electronic machines for the first time. In the presidential election, I voted absentee, so I was an electronic newbie. You know what stinks? PA doesn’t give you cool voting stickers like Ohio does. Oh well.

Let’s get to the real story here: WIAW! A big thank you to mama-to-be Jenn for hosting us each and every Wednesday.


Tuesday’s breakfast totally rocked my socks. I’d like to call it Mount Strawberrius. I made chocolate oatmeal topped with strawberries. It was sooooo good. I used my normal oat recipe, except I made sure to melt an entire banana in for sweetness, and I added 2 tsp. of chia seeds. For the chocolate flavor, I added 1 1/2 Tsbp of unsweetened cocoa powder.



I was feeling super snacky for lunch yesterday, so I fixed up a random plate of mushrooms (possibly my fave veg), tomatoes, carrots, hummus, cottage cheese, and (no those aren’t olives – yuck!) grapes!



I worked in the afternoon yesterday, and my stomach was rumblin’ when I got home. I decided to have an early dinner. As I cooked, I snacked on another big helping of olives grapes. Grape attack! (no pic, it was just a bowl!)

For dinner, I made some baked chicken, roasted carrots, brown rice, and of course my favorite cauliflower with ketchup. You know those times when you rush cooking brown rice and it turns out bad? That did not happen with this batch. I was a happy girl.



Since I had an early dinner, I was hungry before bed last night. I made my PB egg omelet with two egg whites, an egg, and cinnamon. Melty PB on top! I am pretty sure an eggshell got in the mix, but I couldn’t get it out. YOLO, I guess?


I ended the night with some leisurely mag reading. I love Shay Mitchell (from Pretty Little Liars), and I was so glad to see her on the cover of SELF. She is gorgeous!


Have a good one!

Question of the Day:

How do you feel about olives? Mushrooms? I think they’re controversial veggies.



  1. yuck I hate olives, it’s the worst when they mysteriously show up in salads or sandwiches. I bought the Self magazine just because Shay was on the cover, June 11 PLL is back!

  2. Love love love grapes, especially when they’re frozen! And I’m glad so many other people hate olives – I’m the only hater in my family. Your oatmeal always looks crazy good, btw. I need to try a chocolate oat combo asap.

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