A Stitch in My Stomach

A few notes before I start:

First, to the people of Moore, Oklahoma: my thoughts are with you today in the devastating aftermath of yesterday’s tornadoes. I could not believe the damage I saw in the countless pictures I scrolled through. Mother nature can be an unpredictable, ravaging force.

Second, I just want to thank you to anyone who sent me their well wishes yesterday. It means a lot to know that people I’ve never met in person are helping me work through my nerves and console me!


Today’s post is going to be somewhat of a supplement to yesterday’s post. A few days after I made my appointment for the (small) surgery, I received a packet in the mail with all of the info that I needed to know about numbing, stitches, and wound care.

I’ve never had stitches on the outside of my body (only dissolvable ones for wisdom teeth), so I think that it what is making me apprehensive! I know that I won’t feel it when they put them in, but I wonder what they will feel like afterward. I’m sure I’ll only have to get no more than three because the area is tiny.

However, it is the after-surgery that I am concerned about. I’m just throwing this out there – I feel bad that I’m making this an issue. Apparently, once the stitches are removed, I have to stop vigorous activity for approximately two weeks. From what the information said, running, crunches and other types of physical activity (plus swimming! sad face since it’s hot now), present the risk of breaking open the wound.

To be frank, that stresses me out. I do not like to stop physical activity completely for a week, let alone two. I should be able to do this with no problem, right? But all I can think of is: “you’ll lose all the fitness you’ve gained,” or “you’ll gain ten pounds,” or “you won’t be as confident starting your internship.” I know that the weight gain is impossible unless I also eat sheet cakes every other day as well, but still the thought creeps in.

To combat the negative effects of not working out as hard, I’ve come up with a plan. A pretty simple plan, honestly. I’m going to make sure that I eat as well as I possibly can (even though i do a fairly good job already).

Nutrition is the foundation of fitness, so if I can rein in my sweet tooth…


alcohol consumption…


and meals outside of my home…


I will still feel great. So expect to see a whole lotta this 😉


As far as workouts go, I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do. Perhaps I will run closer to the end of two weeks, but I really do not want to break the wound. That would suck. I just have to find activities that don’t stress my midsection. Perhaps biking? I would have to roll with the stationary, because I am an absolutely horrible cyclist outside. I fall at least once trip, no joke. Additionally, I will include walking workouts in place of runs. I think planks can help my core strength, too, no?


So there you have it: my fitness and food equation for the next few weeks. Before I sign off for the day, I need to stress what I mentioned yesterday once again. Health is more than just food and fitness. Although that’s what I focused on today, I am not sorry that I am getting the mole removed further. If that is what it takes to keep me in good health, then bring it on.

Have a grrrrrrrrreat Tuesday!

Question of the Day:

Any recommendations on low-impact activities I can do?



    1. I felt ridiculous even thinking it, but I just needed to get it out there. I guess it just came at a crap time because I want to feel like Superwoman when I start my internship. Thanks for the reassurance Alex!

  1. I’m with Alex, I bet they’ll heal faster with lots of rest. I only advocate that because I had surgery three years ago and these same thoughts entered my head. I wasn’t able to go on walks for 2 weeks and turned to food to control which turned into a full blown eating disorder. I’m telling you this because I now know that if I had continued eating like I was and indulging when I felt like it, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Something to think about!

  2. Don’t feel ridiculous for thinking that! I know I would feel that way too, and I have before (when I’ve taken weeks off for moving or when I got shin splints). But just know that it really won’t set you back at all, and it’s better to rest than accidentally cause something that will require more recovery time! And you can still go on walks, which is great exercise! Maybe the rest time will be even more useful than you think (time to mentally recharge, enrich yourself creatively, etc)!

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