My Dos and Don’ts of Swimsuit Shopping

There are about 35 days until the summer solstice. You know what that means… it is primetime for bathing suit shopping.

But never fear! Finding your perfect swimsuit is doable. I promise!

As someone whose never been a huge fan of swimsuit shopping (but loves to swim… oxymoron), I’ve slowly learned how to make the process easier. Now, I’m going to share my top do’s and don’ts for finding an amazing swimsuit with you!


My Dos and Don’ts of Swimsuit Shopping

DO bring a friend – an honest one. You might think that a swimsuit is flattering, but it could actually just be that you love the style. There have been so many times where I’ve loved a swimsuit, but it actually was not the right one for me. I wasn’t in love with it on me, I was only in love with it.

DON’T take off your panties when you try on the suits. Sure, they put in the sanitary strips, but that is not a pass to go without your skivvies. Leave them on!! Personally, I do take of my bra (because I believe breasts are just like skin, and you can’t really see how the suit fits with the bra on).


DO wear panties that are slim enough to easily roll or hide under the swim bottoms.

DO know your body type and the kind of swimsuits that flatter you. Too many times did I try to pick out skimpy string bikinis only to hate them on me. Then, I learned that I have a boyish figure (I am fairly straight up and down and flat-chested). Now I know that I have to look for suits with patterns and details on top. Sporty swimsuits are also more flattering on me than teeny bikinis. My fave swimsuit in my closet has fringe all over the top and a sporty cut. Double win!

Here are a few resources to help you learn what suits may flatter you best:
How to Find the Sexiest Swimsuit for Your Body Shape
Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

DON’T fear the mirror or lighting. Sometimes, fitting rooms have horrible lighting that can bounce of the mirror in what I consider horror movie lighting. This can make us feel bad in our own skin. Don’t let it get to you! Own it, and love yourself in the suit (this is also where having a friend comes in handy!).

DO try swimsuits on at home if you feel more comfortable there. Just make sure the store has return policies that comply. Oh, and the panty rule?… yeah, that still applies at home.

DON’T buy a swimsuit that you think you will look hot in the future (“once I’m tanner, more toned, etc”). Buy one that looks great now, and I guarantee it will look good a few weeks down the road.

DO pull suits that you aren’t a huge fan of on the rack. You never know how a suit will look on. I mean, if you really hate it, obviously don’t try it on! Iffy? Go for it. It could be the one.

DO bring the same suit in different sizes. This makes the process a lot easier. Not all suits are created equal.


DON’T buy bottoms that are TOO big. Make sure that your swim bottoms are tight enough on your bootie that they will hold to you when they are wet. Swimsuits expand in water, so if gaps exist when the suit is dry, it may fall off in water. **However, make sure that the swimsuit is tight on the bootie, not the waist. If there is spillage on the top (or even on the bottom of the cheeks) it probably is not the right fit.

DO try the bend-over test. To make sure that the “girls” stay in place, bend over and jump around a few times. If your cups runneth over, it’s not the right suit.

DO go in with a good attitude! If you start shopping with negative thoughts, you will have a negative experience. Have confidence in yourself, because you are hot stuff! 

Happy shopping!

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite store to find swimsuits at? I like Aerie, American Eagle, Target, and Victoria’s Secret.



  1. Target FTW! They have the cutest suits. I’m pretty lucky in that suits tend to fit me as long as I get the right size but I am not a fan of the whole trying on process with shopping in general.

  2. Best swimsuit finding guide ever! I especially love the pooh gif – and you’re right, dressing room mirrors/lighting can be the WORST. I also loved the tip about not getting one that will look hot in the future. Ive done that wayyy too many times like “oh by summer ill be 10lbs thinner and this will look great” ummm no. that never happens.

  3. I desperately need a new suit, but I hate shopping for them – hence why I’m glad you shared your experiences! The links definitely gave me an idea of what to look for. And the bend over test is key!

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