What I Ate Wednesday #13

Do you ever have those days where you don’t really exert yourself too much but by 9 pm you are wiped out? Well, that was totally me yesterday. I have no idea why, but what I do know is that right after the Pens crushed the Sens (haha), I fell right asleep. The calm of victory sleep, perhaps?

Now that you know how I felt yesterday, how about we take a look see at what I ate, yeah? Of course we have to thank Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the link up this Wednesday and every Wednesday 🙂


My old standby: whipped banana oats topped with fresh strawberries and cinnamon. I love that strawberries are in season right now! I wanted to have a cup of coffee along with breakfast, but I am out of my usual creamer. Yesterday I learned that I do not like the taste of almond milk and stevia in my coffee. It isn’t creamy enough!



After my late morning workout (I am feeling it in my legs today, oooof), I made myself a smoothie. The smoothie craving has not died yet. In this one went one small container of plain Chobani, coconut water, almond milk, half a banana, a few strawberries, chia seeds, and spinach. I also took a note from Gina’s instagram and added a date for sweetness!


On the side, I had some popcorn tossed in a little EVOO and salt. I wasn’t completely satisfied by the smoothie, and I was craving popcorn.



I mean, really, are you surprised? This is just getting ridiculous. Someone pull my face out of the PB jar please.



Yesterday I trusted the Gorton’s fisherman with the first part of my meal. I baked a piece of their grilled salmon and ate it first because the rest of my food wasn’t ready. The salmon was pretty good! I’m glad, since there’s another box in the freezer.


After I finished the salmon, my sweet potato wedges were ready. I had those along with some cauliflower seasoned with the spicy Mrs. Dash variety I like. Yum!


After dinner, we went to my brothers HS band concert. They were really good, and it was especially interesting because my old neighbor is the interim band director. He did a great job! After, Adam bought us all Starbucks. I got a tall iced decaf with SF vanilla syrup, but I didn’t snap a pic because I left my phone at home.

Question of the Day:

Did you play an instrument in HS? I played flute from 5th-10th grade, but I gave it up so I could fit newspaper into my schedule. Plus, I did the musicals.



  1. All your food looks so yummy! I played the drums in school which i loved at the time, but now i wish i had chosen piano- a friend of mine walked over to a piano the other night and just sat down and started playing, and i WISH i was able to do that!

  2. I played clarinet in the school band from 6th grade – 12th grade. I always wished I had picked something more interesting like the oboe or drums.

    I love love love all the strawberries, I can’t get enough. I think we’ve gone through 4 containers in 2 weeks.

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