Amping Up Activity Levels

Hi friends! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a relaxing Mother’s Day. I snapped zero pictures this weekend, but I can tell you it was filled with friends and family. I watched the Pens win the first playoff series on Friday, and I celebrated Mother’s Day by making her breakfast. Later this week we are going to see “Gatsby” together!


Today I wanted to talk about something I’ve noticed this past week: my activity level has decreased significantly. At school, I was forced to walk across campus to class, to meet friends, basically everywhere.

Get back outside, Ang!

Even in the short week I’ve been home, the added walking has basically stopped. It’s made a very obvious difference in how I’ve felt all week. Here’s the problem: now that I don’t have a full time “job” or classes to walk to, I’m very sedentary. If I want to go somewhere outside of my immediate neighborhood, I do have to drive. I stand at my part-time job, but that adds (maybe) three hours of activity a few times per week.

This was basically me all last week. Just not as… tan?

Even if I work out for an hour per day, I’m still missing the extra activity I usually get. According to this article, one half hour of exercise is not going to combat hours of sitting because your metabolic rate lowers. And that’s what happened this week.

I’ve brainstormed a couple ways to stay more active until I spend my days at a 9 to 5 internship (which I am VERY excited for!!) in the coming months.

Ways to Stay More Active At Home:

  • Do squats, crunches, planks, etc. during television commercials
  • Stay on the treadmill for an hour in addition to a workout (or walk outside if the weather is nice)
  • Walk before and after every meal
  • Stand up for a few moments every hour or half-hour
  • Take the stairs if you go out(I already do this)
  • Call a friend and walk around instead of texting (also gives you human interaction…)

Hopefully I take my own advice and get up and moving more this week (and beyond)! Are you going to join me?

Question of the Day:

What’s one way you like to get more active (that’s not a regular workout)?



  1. I just started hiking and that has become a great way to stay active. I can definitely relate to started to become inactive. When I wasn’t working, I never wanted to move and just stay inside. Since I started blogging and working again, I am motivated to do more things. Great post 🙂

  2. I have started doing exercise during TV commercial breaks, and it is amazing how much of a burn I get from them. I always feel more accomplished afterwards! It sure beats sitting on my butt for the entire hour of show.

  3. I’m going to see The Great Gatsby today! So excited 😀

    During school I walked everywhere, so now being at home where the nearest destination is a good 30 minute walk away, I just drive. Not good. I have one more week until I head up to an internship out-of-state. I don’t really know anybody so I’m sure I’ll get stir-crazy just sitting all day. Time to ramp up the exercise and get outside in this beautiful weather! (Well, not today as it’s freezing, but…. 😉 )

  4. I’ve found I end up sitting around a lot more at home in the suburbs too. Also now that I live off campus compared to when I was still in the dorms. Luckily, in the summer I live on an island where everything is in walking distance but I definitely agree that talking on the phone while taking a walk is the best! I find myself more engaged in the conversation too!

  5. I like to take walks outside in the summers, and go on hikes! I do try to take the stairs and park far away from wherever I’m going (e.g. the mall, Target, etc.) as well. I’m also trying to combat the sedentary part of being in the suburbs – every step counts!

  6. I have a desk job so find this a great post. I try to make sure I go up to the canteen to eat my lunch every day (two floors up and across the other side of the building), and have recently started going to the bathroom two floors up instead of the one on my floor. I also cycle to/from work and try to get in 5 workouts a week. It doesn’t always happen though!

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