Facts and Favorites Fusion

How did you like that alliteration in the title?

Fact #1: English was my favorite HS subject (fact idea brought to you by alliteration). To be honest, it’s still one of my favorite subjects. For a time, I considered going to school for education. If I didn’t get to take English/writing classes in college, I probably would hate school.

Fact #2: The only random person who asked why I was wearing a band aid on my chin was the checkout guy at Trader Joe’s. I enlightened him kindly only because I was enthusiastic about my location (where I bought sunflower butter and a dark chocolate bar).

Favorite #1: Gina at The Fitnessista shared with her readers how she has changed over the years of blogging and what she thinks of those changes. I enjoyed hearing her reflections and seeing what she hopes to be in the next few years.

Fact #3: I finally bought a black maxi dress, which I’ve been itching for. Yay!

Favorite #2: Even if you don’t like hockey or watch/like the Pens, you have to admit this is funny. Vokoun is our back up goalie, who was put in as a starter last night to help us bring back the series. This picture is from a local radio station’s morning show (a fan sent in the phrase, which I think existed before Vokoun was a Penguin). I think it’s hilarious. How do people come up with this? I love it.


Favorite #3: Tank Top Arms 2 from Caitlin at Fit Fab Cities. It’s a basic workout, so this is really interchangeable. However, she says it’s one of her most popular posts, which I think is awesome! People want those defined bi’s and tri’s for summer (including moi).


Fact #4: I want to get my tragus pierced (sorry Mom). I only want a little gem in it, but it’s something I wanted for years now. Maybe when I get paid next week? πŸ˜‰ Just something like this:


Fact #5: During the summer, I have a really bad habit of bingeing on TV (which I already watch too much of in my spare time). I like to catch up on The Mentalist or Criminal Minds. I end up freaking myself out and jumping at every noise in my house. The other day I literally snooped around the windows because I was convinced someone was out there. Oh yeah, and Simon Baker of The Mentalist is pretty hot.

Favorite #4:Β Danica at It’s Progression posted a recipe for a microwave chocolate cake. I’ve made several before that haven’t tasted that great, and she sells this one pretty well! I have high hopes (the chocolate chips on top won me over).


Favorite #5: You know I’ve been loving smoothies. OM NOM NOM for this one from The Preppy Paleo.Β Mango, Lime and Coconut? Sign my blender up.


Was that post random enough for you? πŸ™‚

Make this Friday a great one!

Questions of the Day:

What’s one of your faves this week?

Tell me a random fact about yourself!



  1. I got my tragus pierced a few month ago and I love it! It only hurt for a few hours so if you want to get it done you definitely should!

  2. I don’t watch TV often but when I do, I watch hours of it straight. It’s a legitimate problem.That chocolate cake does look pretty tempting… let me know how it turns out!

  3. I’m a total tv binger – it’s becoming a serious problem….but Criminal Minds is always worth watching right?

    I have a maxi dress I love, and I really want to wear it soon! I feel like I may be too short for one, but whatevs.

  4. I hope you like that chocolate cake…I always get so nervous to post recipes because it’s hard to please everyone! If you try it though, you should let me know what you think – good or bad πŸ™‚

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