I’m an Awkward Person




Thursday has arrived, everyone!

Frankly, that doesn’t mean much for me right now since I’m on break, and I actually work this weekend. But I know that the weekend still holds promise for everyone else in the world, so take a deep breath because it is almost upon you!

Yesterday I had a great time hanging out with Emily. I really cherish these times with her because I am not sure what our lives will bring us in the next few years or how often we will be able to get together.

My day started out with some oatmeal and a kick-butt workout at my gym. I did a twenty minute incline walk and followed by lots of dumbbell arm moves. I had a protein shake and an apple with PB after to hold me over while I was with Em.

We began our outing by going to the mall for a little shopping ;). I was wearing a shirt from American Eagle, and when we went into that store one of the employees tried to chat me up with a “You wear that shirt really well” wink wink. He was definitely flirting, but I get really clammy in those situations and I answered incoherently with “Me? Uh err, Oh this shirt? Well thank ya! Hahahaha.” and kept walking. I am an awkward person.

After we left the mall with our spoils (don’t you always think you buy more than you actually do??), we searched for a fun little local place to catch dinner. We found a Thai restaurant on Yelp that people were calling a “hidden gem of the town,” so we decided on that. it was called The Red Orchid.

Emily was hungry.


Aren’t these lights sweet? The place was tiny, but very cozy and welcoming.


Both of us ordered Pad Thai. We are easy to please. I wanted mine spicy, so I asked the waitress what spice level she would recommend from 1-10, and she said 5. She was spot on! It was perfectly spicy for my palette, and I was impressed by the wait staff’s willingness to answer my questions.


Fro yo at Razzy Fresh afterward, obviously. I got vanilla with sprinkles, strawberries, chocolate chips, and those neat little liquid ball things that break when you bite them.


Em likes the little ball things, too. She is kind of awkward as well šŸ™‚ That’s why we’re friends.



Catch ya later!

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite Thai dish if you’ve ever had Thai food?


One comment

  1. I am SO awkward in those situations. Sometimes I’m amazed that I have friends, thankfully it gets better as I get to know someone šŸ˜‰

    I love Pad Thai and Yellow Curry! Thai food is amazing.

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