A New Kind of Doctor

I’m pretty notorious for having strange dreams in the hours between four and seven a.m. if I happen to wake up and fall back asleep. My dreams are also pretty good about being topically related to what’s happening in my life. On Sunday night, I had a weird one, although it wasn’t my strangest (that one included eggs, St. Patrick’s Day, and no pants… another story for another time).

In the dream, I had to go to the dermatologist. He was a young, very attractive man, but the appointment went nothing like I’d expected. He didn’t check out my skin at all! Instead, he made me exercise the whole time. Lunge after lunge after lunge. And then we walked outside and were suddenly at a summer camp. We walked into the cafeteria and sat down for lunch. And then we saw my mom and he told her we were dating (to which I did not protest).

So what can we pull from this dream? Well, maybe I have exercise or boys on the brain. More importantly, I am going to the dermatologist. Today, in fact.

I’ve never been to a dermatologist appointment before, so I am kind of on edge. I don’t expect it to be invasive or much different from other kinds of doctor’s I’ve visited, but I am wary of the things that may happen as a result of the appointment.

The thing is, I’m not going to only get a full body scan. That is definitely something I expect at the appointment, but I have two primary reasons for the visit. 1) I have (what I believe) to be a very suspicious mole on my leg. 2) I am looking into getting the mole on my face removed.

Let’s look at these things a little closer.

The leg mole: Over the past few months, I’ve been watching this mole. I don’t remember the first time I saw it, and it doesn’t look like my other marks. In fact, my dad thought it was a pimple or something. It just makes me feel uneasy, and I would prefer to find out what it is. If it’s nothing, that’s great. If the mole has bad intentions, well, then I’m glad to know sooner than later. I try to take care of my skin as best I can, but I’m not going to lie – I’ve been to tanning beds, for dances in high school. Now, I know that that was stupid. I will never set foot in a tanning bed again, which is why I opted to get a spray tan a few weeks ago.

Sun safe, please!

The face mole: If you haven’t noticed in my pictures, I have a large mole on my chin. Let’s just say it’s never been my favorite facial feature. My mom always told me it was a beauty mark and that people pay for tattoos of them, but I never felt comfortable with it. Once, a girl in elementary school told me it made me look ugly, and as sad as it is, that’s always stuck with me. Over the years, it’s grown on me (ha ha) in the emotional and physical sense. It wasn’t always as big as it is now, but I eventually felt like it was a signature part of me, like it or not. I’ve been frustrated with it lately, though, for various dermatological reasons, and I have decided to look into its removal.

Mole face.

I could probably write a long post about the face mole and how it’s affected my confidence over the years, and perhaps I will do so one day. Today I just wanted to give an overview about my skin issues and why I am choosing to go to the dermatologist.

I’ll be back to tomorrow with WIAW. See you then 🙂

Question of the Day:

Have you ever been to the dermatologist?



  1. I’ve never been to a dermatologist, but am trying to get a referral (in the UK you have to be referred and can’t just book an appointment) because of some skin problems on my hands and feet. I hope your appointment goes well – and well done for doing the right thing and getting that mole checked out. Good luck

  2. I go to the dermatologist fair regularly for acne, but I also make sure that I got every year just to get my skin/moles checked. I feel like it is better to be proactive and to be safe rather than sorry!

  3. I go to the dermatologist for my face on a somewhat regular basis. I haven’t had any moles or anything that I have felt needed attention but If i did I would for sure ask her to look at them when I was there.

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