What I Ate Wednesday #11

Yowza, this week is honestly flying by for me. I’m not complaining since the end of the week means the end of the school year, but I am starting to get a little down about having to leave my friends here. That’s always kind of bittersweet.

You know what’s nothing BUT sweet, though? What I Ate Wednesday! It would seem that we have another one on our hands 🙂 Send some thanks to Jenn for hosting the link up party and go check out all of the other participants.



I think I would probably marry oatmeal if I could. It is so satisfying to cook up a nice big bowl of oats and leisurely eat it as I watch GMA and Rachael Ray. This one looks no different from my past one million bowls. It’s my usual egg white oat recipe with cinnamon and strawberries on top. Side of coffee with coconut milk creamer!

Pre-Run Snack


I had this date x2 before I went for a five mile run today. The weather was GORGEOUS just like it’d been predicted. Don’t ya love when they get the forecast right? My run was hot and bright but extremely enjoyable.

Post-Run Snack


I’m switching things up with this sweaty, red-faced pic because you have to be sick of my go-to snack by now. I decided to refuel after my run with an apple and PB. Are you surprised? I swear I don’t eat that every day. You just so happen to always catch me when I do.



Before heading to work today (my schedule is different this week because of finals), I whipped up some veggie eggs. Two eggs, two egg whites, half of a small white onion, a handful of spinach and some red pepper flakes made for a perfect lunch. I had a bowl of cooked carrots on the side, too.

Afternoon Snack


I knew my metabolism was revved today because I was ravenous most of the morning, so I made sure to bring one of the sweet potato banana bites I made with me. It was a great snack to hold me over until dinner.



Last night’s dinner was so, so simple, but it hit the spot. I’m not too hard to please (when it comes to food 😉 ). I sautéed half of a zucchini in EVOO and baked a small piece of chicken with some spicy Mrs. Dash seasoning on top. I also had a side of cauliflower with ketchup (duh). I rounded out the meal by making some red lentils mixed with the spicy seasoning and a little nutritional yeast. Yum!

Evening Snack

Like I said, my appetite was humungous yesterday, so I was not surprised when my stomach growled two hours after dinner. I satisfied my belly with my favorite nighttime snack: three egg whites topped with PB and a cup of Sleepytime tea. No pic for that, though, because it’s just not a cute meal.

Have a lovely day! Talk to you tomorrow.

Question of the Day:

How do you like to spend beautiful weather days? I like to exercise outside, swim, or go to an outdoor shopping area.



  1. You do some really interesting combos: ketchup on cauliflower, pb on eggs? As my Mom used to say, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”, so I’ll just hold my tongue until I’ve tried these things. By the way, did you make or purchase those sweet potato bites? Those sound yummy!

  2. Cooked carrots are such a great side dish! Reminiscent of the glazed carrots that we used to have for dinner when I was younger. A cleaner version is cooked carrots topped with some coconut oil. Oh so good! 😀

    Good luck with your last week of school! Hopefully you don’t have too many exams. And I know what you mean about having to leave your friends. Do you all still live close enough to visit during the summer though?

    1. I got so lucky and had 0 exams… but all projects. Still no in class test time which was nice. I live 3 1/2 hours away so I may visit once 🙂

  3. Lentils! I haven’t had those in forever, they’re so delicious. I’ve never put ketchup on my cauliflower, but that sounds like a combo I can get behind (I’m not a big cauliflower fan). When the weather is gorgeous I love to run, swim, hike, or just lay out with an iced beverage and a good book!

  4. Ketchup all over your veggies – I approve. I also am craving strawberries really bad now after seeing those oats! Nothing better than fresh strawberries. I like spending nice weather days by going on a run and then hanging out by the pool with friends.

  5. If I could exercise outside or just be outside, that would be lovely. I’ve tried to study but let’s just say I get too distracted 🙂 Your dinner looks delish!

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