An Improvement + Food

Good morning, friends!

It is supposed to be an absolutely beautiful day in Southeast Ohio. I’m glad the weather is looking up for this last week before break because I am used to basking in Athens’ sunlight until mid-June. We used to be on the quarters system but changed to semesters this year. Now we are done before the weather really has a chance to change for the better. Looks like we lucked out this week! 🙂


I’m planning on going on a run this morning. I want to soak up some rays because now that I have a fake tan I don’t want it to fade! I will put on sunscreen, I promise. I might buy some Jergens sunless lotion or something this week to keep it up safely, too.


Okay, so, I want to update you on my fitness-slump progress. I think that making a concrete plan for myself last week a step in the right direction. This week I am pumped to keep the workouts going. That’s a pretty big improvement to what I was saying last week!

I didn’t stick to the plan exactly as I wrote it last week, and I took two rest days instead of one. But you know what? I still felt pretty darn good. You can check out what I actually did here.

Yesterday, I completed a modified version of this workout by Bess. She makes really fatiguing routines – it’s so great! I had to cut down on some sets because my arms were spaghetti after so long. Maybe I’ll do the full routine sometime in the future? 😉

To warm up for the strength portion, I created a short but effective climbing elliptical workout. I made sure to keep my abs taut and arms pumping to get the full effect. After those workouts together, I was a sweaty beast.


Now, I have to take a moment to complain. The August Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon I signed up for in Pittsburgh has been indefinitely (“til 2014”) been postponed. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. According to a news article, the city cited concerns over the summer heat, which, in my opinion, is complete BS. I think I may write a letter to the city planning committee to voice my opinion on the matter because not only were thousands of runners already signed up, but, if the city really is making the mistake of doubting the heat index and there is no other reason, they are losing out on a huge moneymaker. It’s kind of a lose-lose.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.07.03 PM


And now, I have to share a few recent eats with you as well. After I got home on Friday, my mom and I went shoe shopping for the wedding. We stopped at Panera for dinner. I am a HUGE fan of Panera and most dishes I’ve tried there, especially their salads. This time I ordered a new menu item, the Spinach Power Salad (but without bacon). Warning: You have to really love onions to get this meal. Unfortunately, they didn’t knock this one completely out of the park.


The Vidalia onion vinaigrette was sweet and tangy at the same time and the highlight of the salad. However, I was disappointed to find onion crisps and cold, cooked mushrooms atop the greens. If the onions and mushrooms had both been sautéed and served warm, the salad would have been a winner.

Sunday night, I whipped up a double batch of Lindsay’s Sweet Potato Banana Bites with two really ripe bananas I found in my cupboard. I didn’t have a mini muffin tin, so I made normal sized ones (it made 8). I ate one as a pre-workout snack yesterday. It was so perfect fo this sweet potato lovin’ girl – just the right amount of natural sweetness, even with chocolate chips. I do agree with her that the taste would not be for everyone, though.


And that’s that. Sorry for the long update. Hope your day is bright!

Questions of the Day: 

Have you ever used self-tanner before? What kind?

What is your favorite dish at Panera?



  1. I know I’m probably speaking too soon, but the weather in Ohio has been GREAT so far this week. Hope it stays the same! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your race in Pittsburgh being cancelled. That does sound a little fishy to me too. I don’t think it would be too hard to just change the time to later or earlier if the temperature really was the problem.

  2. That race situation is so frustrating. I would definitely write a letter if it were me!

    And confession: I’ve never eaten at Panera. I should probably rectify this soon.

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