Friday Favorites


I’m in an exuberant mood today because after I finish one exam and go to another class, I get to go home for the weekend to celebrate my cousin’s wedding! Wahoooo! My bags are packed, and I will be accompanied by a yummy smoothie and a deluge of healthy travel snacks (almonds and cherry tomatoes, I’m looking at you).

In case you were wondering, the spray tan turned out well. I was really nervous because everyone was like “OMG U R SO DARK” follow by “but it looks good!” I wasn’t really sure what to believe, but after I looked in the mirror for a while, I decided I was happy with the results. It was even better after I showered off this morning. Phew!

And now, here’s a very brief version of my Friday Favorites because I am knee deep in ethical journalism issues for this exam!


Favorite Post:  Jesica of rUnladylike posted about the benefits of a great running playlist. My playlist was crucial to my finishing strong in the half-marathon, and I totally agree with what she said. I love picking songs with strength mantras and placing them at what I know will be my hardest miles.



Favorite Recipe: Maybe I haven’t said this before, but I LOVE chia seeds. I think they’re little nuggets of healthy splendor. I’ve tried chia pudding before, and I wasn’t too crazy about it because the flavor was off. However, I think that this recipe for Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding from Linz at Itz Linz could make me a believer (I tweeted the link earlier this week, too).


Favorite Workout: This Full Body Tabata workout from Tina at Best Body Fitness rocked my socks on Tuesday. It was super effective and made time fly by. I think I will definitely be joining the next round of BBBC! I am convinced.


Hope your Friday is awesome! Catch ya later.

Question of the Day:

Do you like/have you tried chia pudding?



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