Thursday [Things I’m Loving Lately]

Well, well, well, we meet again! Glad to talk to you today šŸ™‚ If you’re reading this in the a.m., I may be getting a spray tan as we speak. If you are reading this later in the day, I could either be a glowing girl or an orange zebra. I will give you an update tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s Thursday, which means I only have three more full classes to sit through for the semester! (Cue party music.) Today I thought I would do something a little different (on my blog, at least) and show you some things I’ve been seriously loving lately. Warning: they mostly involve coconut.

1. Bright green leaves on trees. I don’t think I need to say more than that.


2. Coconut water. I’ve been adding it to smoothies and drinking it after workouts to help rehydrate, and I am officially obsessed. I especially like VitaCoco brand. That may or may not have to do with the fact that Kroger had them on sale 2 for $4 for two weeks.


3. Coconut oil. Not in my food though ā€“ I’m still acquiring a taste for it in certain dishes. BUT. It is seriously the best moisturizer I have ever used. I made a coconut oil hair treatment on Sunday, and the ends of my strands have been infinitely less frizzy. All I did for that was melt coconut oil, pour it over my head and rub it in, and let it sit clipped up for an hour. Then I rinsed as much as I could out and let it dry naturally. This is the only downside: my hair was crunchy and greasy, but I didn’t want to use shampoo immediately after because the sulfates would negate the effects of the oil. I slept on it and washed with shampoo and conditioner the next morning. Here’s what my hair looked like with the oil in:


I also made my own coconut body scrub. It was insanely simple. I scooped a bunch of oil (maybe a 1/3 c.) out, melted it, and mixed in brown sugar until it became a mush. Then I exfoliated in the shower. I’ve done this twice so far, and the second time I decided to use body wash after so that I wouldn’t smear oil everywhere. My skin was still very soft, but I would recommend not following up with soap if you want the full effect.


4. SoDelicious French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. This stuff has won me over for the consistency of its creaminess. I used to use a CoffeeMate Natural Bliss so that I wouldn’t have all that nasty stuff in the ingredients, but it was just too thin and did nothing for my coffee. I’m definitely not a black coffee drinker! I feel better about this ingredient list AND flavor.


5. Dates. I can’t get enough of those little guys! Despite the fact that they look like bugs (sorry), they are high on my list of favorite foods. I want to try to make energy bites with them, so check back for that recipe next week!


6. All the yoga videos are free, and they have a wide variety of styles and class lengths. Anytime I want to do some yoga, this is my go to site. I personally like the Yoga for Runners videos.Ā 

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 8.17.30 AM.png

That’s all for today, guys! Make it a good one.

Question of the Day:

What is one thing you are loving lately?



  1. Ooh I’m going to have to try coconut oil in my hair. Every time I go home and use my sister’s shower I find something weird in there (last time I found an entire jar of honey..) and I bet you $5 she’s going to have coconut oil in there at some point in the near future.

  2. That body scrub looks fantastic, I think I need to get my exfoliation on soon. And I’m glad you like the doyogawithme videos too! I love the runners yoga and the core fantastic video.

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