HIIT the Treadmill

Hi! How ya doing today?

Can I just say that the weather we’ve been having in Ohio is so not conducive to doing final projects and studying? It’s getting a little ridiculous. As much as I enjoy the warmer temps and sunshine, I would love for it to snow or something so that I’m forced to stay in and study.

Just kidding. If it really snowed I’d be like this:

As for my plan to be committed to fitness this week, I’m off to a decent start. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to go for a run because I found out I had to completely memorize a presentation in ASL due to my presentation date changing unexpectedly. YAY.

Sunday was better on the fit plan front, as I created a 45 minute treadmill HIIT workout and did some quick ab work and stretching. It. Felt. Awesome. I was really sad I couldn’t go for a run yesterday, but ultimately I need to do some serious memorizing to make a good grade.

Lucky for you, I wrote down the HIIT workout I did! It was super sweaty and kept time moving super fast. It’s pretty basic, but sometimes those kinds of workouts give you the best results.


This workout took me just over four miles. Just what I needed to start the week off on the right foot (literally).

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite back to basics exercise?



  1. Oooh I haven’t done an HIIT treadmill workout in a long time…I’m so out of shape, I should probably get on that! I hate it when deadlines change without warning, that’s when I get the most stressed.

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