On Feeling Sluggish

Good Monday morning, friends! I am officially into my last full week of classes, and I think that the next few days are going to FLY by.

I had a really fun weekend that included hanging out with some great friends, which I really enjoyed since the school year is coming to an end…


…making some brown bag popcorn and devouring it on several occasions because I felt like it…


…and discovering that my local Kroger now sells Chobani bites (they are DELICIOUS!).



There’s something else I wanted to chat about with you today, and that is my fitness as of late. You’re probably thinking “Okay, Angela, you just ran a half marathon, so shut up.”

While that’s true, I haven’t been doing much else on the workout front. It’s getting to the point where my body is feeling noticeably different. I’ve been more sluggish, and I feel bloated often (also, I hate the word bloated).

The point here is: I need to step up my game for the sake of feeling like myself again. Summer is on its way, and I want to feel as confident as I can. I’ve been good at making up reasons to not get to the gym lately, and it’s having a negative effect.

So what’s my game plan? Well, I’m going to be really diligent about getting a workout in at least 5 days per week until I start training for my next half marathon. That means a good mix of cardio + strength, with some HIIT training, long runs, and weight circuits.

Not only do I think this will help me feel a little more normal but it will also get my brain goin’ for final projects and exams! Win-win. In order to make this goal concrete, I decided to write up a weekly workout schedule (obviously all bedazzled) and post it here.


TIme to crush this lazy bug in the butt.

Question of the Day:

How do you get yourself out of a fitness rut?



  1. I definitely get into lazy fitness ruts….my solution is always to try something new/different from what I’ve been doing. I feel like it’s easy to be consistently lazy or consistently working hard, but getting into the habit is hard!

    And I feel you on bloating, sheesh.

  2. Popcorn is an amazing snack and the chocolate coffee cho, to die for good!! I think there’s nothing wron with a little rest after the half 🙂 I rested for like 2 weeks and am now getting ready for my next one that’s next weekend, probably shouldn’t have rested so long but oh we’ll

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