Brain Overload

Have you ever had one of those days when your brain looks something like this?


Well, that was me yesterday. I wanted to stop in and say hello to you today, though, because I have some life or death information.


I went back to the froyo place I mentioned last weekend yesterday to give myself a little break from working, and it was SO worth it. They really stepped up their game like I’d hoped.

They had three new flavors and a ton of toppings. I was a happy gal. Dark chocolate flavor with some rainbow sprinkles and strawberries first went into my cup then into mah belly.

The fro yo came later in the evening to give me the final push to get my work done, but earlier in the afternoon, I spent some time outside of a local coffeeshop with some iced black tea and my laptop because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The scene look as such:


…with the addition of me complaining that the chairs and tables were not made for people working with computers. They were not conducive to sitting comfortably near the table while still being able to rest my back. And, the mesh-like wire of the chairs left weird imprints on my thighs. Oh well.

Thankfully, today is a little slower for me and I can catch my breath before a pretty busy weekend.

Catch ya later!

Question of the Day:

What did your brain look like yesterday?



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