Mom’s Weekend: Day 1


How’s your weekend so far? Off to a good start? I hope so 🙂

Mine certainly is! Like I mentioned yesterday, it’s Mom’s Weekend at my school. That’s something I really appreciate about OU – family weekends. We always have a Parents’, a Dad’s, a Sib’s, and a Mom’s Weekend each year, something which I learned is pretty unique to this university.

My mom arrived around dinner time last night, and I was cooking away in the kitchen. I prepared a baked salmon topped with basil and arugula pesto from a recipe I found in Glamour.


On the side, we had some whole wheat pasta with pesto, mushrooms, and spinach. Both dishes were really satisfying, and the arugula gave the pesto such a nice, peppery bite.


After dinner, we took Brittany out with us to try a new fro yo place that opened last week. Let’s just say they need to get the kinks out of their system (ahem, serious lack of toppings!), but the fro yo itself was actually really flavorful. I think it could be a great place. I’ve been waiting for Athens to get one! For my cup, I chose vanilla with some mini Reese’s pieces.


Then, my mom and I came home, drank some tea and chatted, and fell asleep. This morning, we were up bright and early for a manicure appointment. Before we left, I made us some baked oatmeal. She loves my baked oatmeal. We both had this x2.


And here is a picture of our lovely nails. Can you guess who got the blue? 😉


We’re off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday. Have a good one!

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite fro yo flavor? Britt got salted caramel, and I stole a bite. It was amazing!


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