Half Marathon Mondays: No Jokes

Well, I’ll be darned – it’s Monday once again. I’m spending my day like this: interview in downtown Pittsburgh (!!!), driving back home, packing up the car, driving back to Athens, going to the gym, grocery shopping, and finishing homework. Can I do it all? Is my name Angela?

I would have tried to do some fancy April Fools joke here for you, but I’m just not very good at those. I leave that up to my dad.

What else is no joke? It’s another Half-Marathon Monday (which, I know, I missed last week).


I’m going to be real with you here: I didn’t run 11 miles this weekend like I’d planned. I did, however, run 10 last Saturday, and I felt pretty awesome afterward!

Considering my race is about two weeks away, maybe I should be more concerned about getting my long runs in. But you know what? I’m not going to stress about it.

This is my first long-distance race, and my only goal is to finish. I have no time constraint. Maybe I’ll take two hours. Maybe less than that. As long as I cross that finish line with two legs and my dignity, I’ll be happy.

Also, note to self: do not sign up for a race when the most important month of training also has you super booked every weekend. If I want to try to beat a PR in my next race, I’ll have to be more serious about my training schedule. Even next weekend is busy for me. It’s Mom’s Weekend at school (which I am psyched about!), but that does interfere with my scheduled long run. Either way, I’m doing this thang. Yes, I just said that.

And now a quick review of my wonderful Easter Sunday:

Sister + Brother


Flower centerpiece




Chicken Monterey (breaded chicken, mushrooms, cheese) + Mashies (Dad’s best) + green beans (plus another serving later)


Easter tradition: Paska bread + buttaaaaah


Apparently my family eats a lot of cake in the month of March. Funfetti!



Oh, and lots and lots of chocolate. You would be appalled.

Question of the Day: 

What did you do yesterday?



  1. I would try to not stress to much about your long runs. 11 miles was the farthest I had run before my half and although I had been CRAZY worried it went well and it was fun! I know keeping up miles is important but tapering and not stressing yourself out are also important!

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