Friday Favorites

Welcome to the land where all your dreams come true…

Friday! Go ahead and do the happy dance.

I’m going home for the Easter holiday tonight, and I definitely am anticipating some great, though short, family time. 🙂

I’m keeping Friday Faves a little short today because I didn’t get much internet snooping done this weekend. Moving right along, though!


Favorite DIY: Ummm, tell me this is not simple and gorgeous. I absolutely have to do this the next time I get flowers!


Favorite Fashion: I used to avoid cheetah print like the plague, but this outfit is calling to me. It’d be super cute with coral shorts for a spring look as well!


Favorite Post: Sarah of The Smart Kitchen did a follow-up post about trying to stop paying so much attention to the numbers when it comes to food. I featured her last post as a fave, and this one is no different. Progress is important!



Favorite Recipe: I think that Jessica from How Sweet It Is is a genius and super cool. She’s from Pittsburgh, and I want to run into her so badly one day. I’d probably be starstruck. Anyway, these Crispy Loaded Buffalo Oven Fries look heavenly. I love the flavor of buffalo sauce, so these are right up my alley.


That’s all folks! See ya later 🙂

Questions of the Day:

How do you feel about cheetah print? What about buffalo sauce?




  1. Thanks so much for reading–and loving–my post(s). It is hard to be so honest, not only with myself, but with the blog world in general. I’m glad that you (and others) aren’t judging me, but instead supporting me…or using my thoughts to help motivate them to make changes in their own lives. 🙂

    I don’t normally think much about buffalo sauce, but I’ll be thinking about that recipe all day long.

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