It’s Wednesday, and I’m baaaaaack 🙂 I seriously have the craziest schedule as of late, and I hate that it’s making me miss posts. Not a good way to present myself, but what  can I do?

It’s What I Ate Wednesday once again, and I have to admit that my eats from yesterday are pretty random. It’s mostly all small snacks. You all are going to think I’m wacko, BUT! at the very least you can laugh at the anecdote I have for you later in the post. Oh, and don’t forget to show Jenn and the other WIAW participants a little love! And thank as always to Jenn for hosting us.

Pre-Workout Snack

The typical half a banana (no pic because even I am sick of how boring it looks)! We actually made it to bootcamp yesterday as planned, and the class focused heavily on strength. I loved it! My abs + arms are super sore today.



I made a version of Julie’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough Overnight Oats Monday night to eat quickly after bootcamp. My ingredient measurements were a little different, and I added some vanilla greek yogurt, but either way it was delish! The extra PB on top really did the trick for me. 😉

Snack #1


Ohhhh boy, am I obsessed with these. I concocted a carrot cake protein bar based off of Jamie Eason’s recipe. I will post my changes to the recipe for you soon (ummm, aka tomorrow so stop back then!). They taste almost like the real deal. I also had an apple.


[apple selfie]

Snack #2


During my last class of the day, I had some “trail mix,” which was basically me adding almonds and goji berries to a baggie and calling it a day. No muss, no fuss. I love goji berries.

Snack #3

After class, I came home and was pretty hungry, so I whipped up two eggs and two egg whites scrambled with spinach. I also had half a grapefruit on the side. And, well, I must have been a little hungry because taking a picture occurred to me after my dish was empty. Oops.

Snack #4


Are these snacks getting a little ridiculous? Perhaps, but hold your horses – the anecdote is almost here. I wanted to tide myself over for a while so I had an apple (not just this slice, duh!) with PB. Simple, classic, perfect.

Snack #5/Dinner ???/Something

At this point I’m not sure what to call this. But here’s the deal: Last night at midnight, my lovely friend Brittany was turning 21 (wooooo!). We had a grand plan to go to a restaurant/bar in town, get an appetizer, wait until midnight, get a drink, and go home to sleep.

WELL. The first place we went to said their kitchen was closed. Even though it was a bar, there was absolutely no one upstairs, so we left. We walked three blocks to another local bar/restaurant, and their kitchen was closed too, which really surprised us. Before we left for another local joint, a cantina which we for sure thought would have snacks, we checked their website, and it turns out they were closed yesterday only for a staff meeting!


We couldn’t help but laugh since our night was becoming so uneventful. We ended up walking across the street to Buffalo Wild Wings because we were both so hungry at that point. I got the naked tenders with hot BBQ sauce, and Britt got boneless wings. We split the fries, which were just okay.


After BDubs, we went back to the bar across the street to the other bar to wait until midnight. The restaurant is two-sided, and wouldn’t you know, the side we were on closed while we were sitting in there. We had to walk over to the over to the other side, and were very amused by the luck we’d had all night.

EIther way, it was a great time, and I was so glad to help her ring her birthday in. I ended my night with a glass of wine and a big hug for my roommate/best friend/soul sister/etc. Cheers!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!! [throwback pick from freshman year!]

228725_2056759985108_713865_n (1)

Question of the Day:

Tell me a funny story about a time when your plans went awry!



  1. Peanut butter and apple is the best snack! My plans frequently flop, but as long as I enjoy the company I’m with we normally still end up doing something fun 🙂

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