I Didn’t

[I didn’t] post yesterday like I said I would. I had a huge exam in a class that I need to do well in, and the night before I had an exec board event for my student organization. I apologize! School has to take priority sometimes. Sorry about the curse ahead.

[I didn’t] experiment with any new recipes this week. I’m feeling in a bit of a recipe rut. I think that stems partly from the fact that I know how much my groceries cost if I stick with the same meals, and I’m scared to spend too much.

[I didn’t] I know that Bud Light Lime-a-rita’s had 330 calories per serving, and there are two servings per can. I can tell you that I will not being buying any of those for my legal butt any time soon. If I have a 330+ calorie drink, it’s certainly not coming from a can.

[I didn’t] work out this week. At all. I feel like a bum, but every morning I was so sleepy, and when I told myself I was going to work out later in the day, I felt lethargic. I didn’t feel like having to shower and get ready all over again. I didn’t feel like walking to the gym.

I need to expand on my thoughts about this week off a little more, because they are confusing me. I’m set to run 10 miles with Kaitlyn today, and I’m really nervous. How will not running at all this week impact me? Will I make it? What strength have I lost during these days off. This article and this article provided me with some insight.

I’m going to be okay. Sure, I may feel a little less powerful this week, but a real decline in fitness levels starts at the two mark week of rest.

So maybe it was a stupid idea to miss two training runs this week during the middle of preparing for a half marathon.

So maybe I won’t run as strongly during my long run.

I need to stop beating myself up about these past few days because I had a lot on my plate. I needed to step back for a breather, and I did. Now, I’m ready to do this thing.


And now a VERY special happy birthday wish to my best friend, Emily! I call this collage The Evolution of Emela, even though those pictures don’t go back to when we first met in 6th grade. I love ya, Em! Have a great day sweetie 🙂



Question of the Day:

How long is the longest break you’ve taken from any type of training?



  1. Good luck getting back into your training. I am a sophomore at the University of Iowa and classes can get pretty crazy sometimes, but I use working out as my break from it all. Running is my time not to focus on classes and clubs and whatever else I have going on.

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