Plank You Very Much

Yesterday, I lied. I had a time trial run on my schedule, not an interval run. I guess that’s what happens when I don’t check my calendar before posting.

I completed my time trial by walking five minutes to warm up, running one mile at a slow pace, and then kicking up the pace for two miles. I cooled down with a five minute walk after the run.


I never look cute at the gym. Oops.

I can’t say that I truly “beat” my previous time for the two miles because I wasn’t on a treadmill last time. It’s pretty incomparable to actually running since your pace is pre-prescribed, but I did finish in less time than last.

I realize now that my butt's up in the air too high. Don't do that!

I realize now that my butt’s up in the air too high. Don’t do that!

After my run, I did a plank series, which I wrote up for you! Do the series two times through, and rest as often as you need. I needed a breather after the up/down planks. Those things kill me! Note: hold the balancing planks for five seconds each.

Plank You Very Much

If you need explanations of what some of the workouts are, here you go:


After my workout, I came home to eat lunch. And then this happened:

IMG_0285 IMG_0283

Apparently, I like to eat vegetables.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Questions of the Day:

Do you like planks?

How long can you hold a plank?


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