Icing Connoisseur

I’m home for spring break!


… although I wouldn’t necessarily call this “spring.”

I woke up yesterday, packed my bags, and drove the 3 1/2 hours home to Pittsburgh armed with my water bottle, a grande Americano, and a green monster smoothie. Let’s just say my bladder was NOT happy with me during that drive.

When I got home, my parents and I went to our church’s fish fry for dinner. I ordered the fried shrimp dinner because I’m not a huge fan of big fish sandwiches. Shrimp is my favorite seafood.


On the side I had french fries and applesauce. A lot of brown on that plate, but it was so enjoyable. I dipped several of my fries in the applesauce. Have you ever done that? The sweet + salty combo is amazing! i finished my plate except for some of the applesauce.


For dessert, I picked out vanilla cake. The colors of the icing were calling my name. The icing on this cake was the best I’ve had in a while, and I’m really picky with my icing. I tweeted a pic of the cake last night, and my roommate thought she was really funny with her tweet back:

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 11.32.58 AM.png

I’m an icing aficionado, if you will. What can I say? I love the stuff! I prefer sweet, sugary icing rather than whipped icing, but I can’t stand if the sugary icing is grainy. I need a happy medium!


This morning, I woke up early and headed to my hometown gym for a long treadmill run. Going 8 miles on the treadmill is definitely not ideal, but since it was snowing today and I’m not the greatest cold-weather running, I went the indoor route.

When I came home, I made myself up a nice bowl of oatmeal. I love relaxing on our couch in the morning with a hot bowl of oats and flipping through TV channels, especially when it’s freezing outside.


Along with my oats, I had some coffee. Yum!


In a bit, I’m going shopping with my aunt to pick out a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding in April. I love shopping with my aunt, and I haven’t had to buy a dress for an occasion is years – since senior prom, I think! Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. Fingers crossed I can find something 🙂

Have a great Saturday!

Question of the Day:

What type of icing do you prefer – whipped or sugary?



  1. Ohh, apple sauce and French fries…now THAT’S one I’ve never tried before! Bet it would be really good with sweet potato fries too! 😀 I will ONLY eat icing if it’s the whipped stuff…otherwise, I just scrape it off and eat the cake! Well, unless it’s cream cheese icing…I guess that’s a weakness of mine too!

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