What I Ate Wednesday #2

I felt very unprepared for life yesterday.

It wasn’t that anything super stressful happened, but from the moment I woke up, I felt frazzled. That’s what I’m using as my excuse for the terrible WIAW photos I took today. Well, that and lack of natural lighting yesterday in lieu of yucky, gray, dripping skies.

Without further ado, here is what I ate yesterday – better known to the world as What I Ate Wednesday, courtesy of Jenn from Peas and Crayons!

Pre-Workout Snack

Just like last week, I had half a banana before I went to bootcamp at the gym. Despite the snack, my feet felt super heavy during the workout, and it wasn’t the best sweat sesh I’ve ever had.



When I came back from bootcamp, I had 45 minutes to shower, make breakfast and bolt to class. It’s really hard for me to give up a good, warm breakfast, and I was willing to forgo a cute outfit to have a yummy bowl of oatmeal. Same mix as always: 1/2 cup oats, 1 1/2 cups water, splash of almond milk, one egg white, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, and 1/2 banana sliced thinly and whipped in, then topped with cinnamon. I also had half of a grapefruit on the side sprinkled with some stevia.

IMG_0238 IMG_0240


And speaking of water… the city of Athens had a huge water main break yesterday that nearly depleted our water reservoir. Tons of people were without water all day, and the university even closed some bathrooms on campus. That was verrrrrry unlucky for me, since I really needed a restroom after sitting in class for an hour and a half. I had to head to work in the same building right after, and thankfully a professor watched the room I work in while I ran across to the student union. Dodged a bullet on that one! After work, I had extra time because my next class was cancelled. I sat down in our cafeteria after crafting a salad with spinach, spring mix, tomatoes, red onion, radishes, cucumbers, chicken, and some balsamic vinaigrette. I love our school’s dressing. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and tangy.


Afternoon Snack

During my final class of the day, I had a KIND bar and an apple. I had just finished sorting out magazines that arrived for the student publication that I work with, so I was hungry! It hit the spot.



Later in the evening, I had a dinner of baked chicken, half of an acorn squash, and a bowl of steamed cauliflower. I love sprinkling Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasonings on everything from chicken to veggies, and last night it was no different.


I’ve been favoring the extra spicy flavor because it balances out well with the ketchup I dip the chicken in.


I’m kind of a ketchup fiend (Heinz all the way, baby, I’m a Pittsburgh girl!). Along with dinner, I had a La Croix Orange sparkling water. We had a boil order placed on the city, and our water hadn’t finished boiling yet, so I supplemented with La Croix 🙂


Nighttime Snack

Last night I had the same snack as last week. Three egg whites, cinnamon, and PB, this time in a bowl! Never gets old.


Hope you all have a great Wednesday! It’s almost the weekend… and that means spring break for me!

Question of the Day:

Are you a ketchup lover like me?!



  1. yumy! i always see those kind bars at the store, but haven’t gotten them. whats your favorite kind, i think i’m gonna pick one up next time!

    1. I actually don’t eat them that often, but I did have one with fruit bits in it before. I prefer the KIND bars without fruit, actually. Just nuts for me!

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