Adventures in Almond Butter





I told you I like nut butter.


This was my first attempt ever at making homemade nut butter of any kind. You would think that my first choice would be peanut butter, but… no. Almond butter is way more expensive by the jar than my good friend PB. I opted to save a little cash.


And you know what else?


I made the almond butter on Saturday, which just happened to be… National Almond Day! And I didn’t even plan it.


I’m not joking when I say that this was incorporated into my snacks and/or meals three times on Sunday.


It’s just so darn addictive.


And easy.


1980’s food processor? Don’t mind if I do.


Homemade Almond Butter


  • At least two cups of roasted almonds*
  • Salt to taste

1. Put roasted almonds into a food processor. A blender won’t work for this; all of the crushed almonds will stick in the bottom (I’ve also read that a Vitamix doesn’t give great results for nut butter, either. Stick with the food processor).

2. Start to blend the almonds, and after about two minutes, scrape the sides down. Continue this process for a while. After about 6 to 7 minutes, a ball will start to form. Keep breaking up the ball and processing.

3. After a certain point, you’ll really start to get annoyed at that ball. Just keep goin’.

4. Your almonds should start to get really smooth after around 10-15 minutes. I promise: they will get there. In the end, the almond butter should have a fairly thin consistency, but it will still be thick enough to stick to a spatula.

5. Add in the salt. I used a little less than a teaspoon.

6. Eat ALL the almond butter.

*You can buy raw almonds, but after a bit of research, I learned that it truly doesn’t matter because they will cook during the grinding process, anyway. That research wasn’t kidding – my food processor got really warm, and for a few minutes, there was a tiny bit of smoke coming from the almonds.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever tried making any kind of nut butter?



  1. I’m writing this comment while I enjoy my sliced apple and fresh almond butter!! I needed to get away from my beloved peanut butter for fat reasons. As I searched the shelves of the grocery stores for almond butter, every label that I read stated there was a possibility of macadamia nuts in the butter. I am highly allergic to macadamia nuts. I started to search for almond butter online and found your recipe. Thank you, thank you, it is awesome and kind of fun to make!

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